Great news about the SpaceX launch

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Feb. 7 is the new approved date for the combined COT2/3 mission.
See the Dec. 15, 2011 announcement here:


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    typo: COTS 2/3
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    Busy week for Elon. SpaceX launch of COTS 2/3 February 7, and Model X unveiling February 9!
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    His new wife will start to feel neglected! Unless she's fully "acclimatized".
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    Elon-haters can say whatever they want, but Elon is proving himself as one of the greatest people of this era. If he can achieve in space what he is doing for car-industry, he will be remembered long after he is gone.

    SpaceX. That's one company I would like to be involved with. Space has been my "hobby" since I was a fire-extinguisher -sized. I wish I get to go to space (orbit) someday, even for a brief visit.
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