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Need assistance. Precise curb weight of each Model S variant?

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Hi Community,

Can anyone assist me with getting the precise Curb Weight for each Model S variant? Not Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)

Curb Weight = Weight of the vehicle only. Unladen. No passengers, no cargo, no cases of wine, no dogs. This number is not shown on the door jamb label.

GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) = Total of Curb Weight + Full Payload Capacity. The number typically shown on label at door jamb.

Curb Weight
* Model S40 = ________
* Model S60 = ________
* Model S70D = ________
* Model S85 = ________
* Model S85D = ________
* Model P85 = ________
* Model P85+ = ________
* Model P85D = ________


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    You may have to go to Tesla for that information. Of course, they are going to want to know why you want that information. If I knew the curb weights I would want to know why, too. But I don't know, so I'm really no help! :)
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    The tire sticker lists the full payload capacity ("combined weight of passengers and cargo should never exceed..."), so you can get a calculated curb weight subtracting that from the GVWR.

    Page 149 of the 3/31/15 Model S Owners manual lists the curb weights as:
    with 85kWh battery: 4630 lbs (2100 kg)
    with 60 kWh battery: 4407 lbs (1999 kg)

    Independent of battery GVWR is listed as 5710 lbs (2590 kg)

    While the owners manual does breakout the power / torque numbers for the various motor configurations, effect of motor configuration on weight is not broken out.

    It will be interesting to see if the door stickers provide any differences from what is listed in the manual. Otherwise, may need to have folks get their cars weighed.
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    Ah, yes, the curb weight is shown on page 149. Any D owners that can share the curb weight off your manual?

    * Model S40
    * Model S60: 4407
    * Model S70D
    * Model S85: 4630
    * Model S85D
    * Model P85
    * Model P85+
    * Model P85D
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    I have an 85D on order, so I would expect that I am looking at the latest manual applicable for an 85D. The specs include the "small" motors on the D as well as the larger "normal" and "performance" motors.

    This is the pdf version of the manual from the MyTesla page and does not appear to be configuration specific. Is the manual available in the car more specific to the car configuration?
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    It won't be easy. The Pano roof probably adds 200lbs, the hifi stereo 50 lbs, 21" rims a few, sports seats, air suspension, etc. There is not just a simple weight for each model, plus the car is constantly evolving with more sound insulation here, lighter pieces there. Something like 20 changes a week according to Musk, so don't expect any accurate weight for a car without actually putting THAT car on a scale.
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    The owners manual info is wrong/inconsistent. I have a S85 and the manual does say the curb weight is 4630. It also states the max cargo is 954. So 4630 + 954 = 5584. However curb weight and cargo = GVWR which per the manual and door sticker, is 5710.
    Reverse that,5710 GVWR) - 954 (cargo/people)= 4756 curb weight.
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    @JAD: I'm interested to know how you arrived at 200 lbs for the pano roof. I do know of some (non-Tesla) driving enthusiasts who delete the sunroof for weight savings. (And the added mass being that far above the CG makes it even worse.)

    I just put my order in for a 70D, and will remove it if it really weighs that much. I would have guessed 30-40 lbs.
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    I am sure it doesn't weight 200 lbs. We are talking about 2 panels of glass and a track. Speaking of the roof, where is the actual motor located. In Mercedes, at least in the 90's and back, the motor was actually in the trunk and the whole thing was driven by a cable/corkscrew drive.
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    It varies with options, wheels, etc. My S85 is 4748 lbs.
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    Your tables are empty.
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    @jordanrichard, it was based on the Porsche Targa. It is a similar glass roof that weighs 125 lbs more on the small 911, so I extrapolated for the Model S size. Glass is extremely heavy, especially compared to aluminum. Plus big motors, additional structural support, etc. I am certain it is well over 100 lbs, and probably pretty close to 200 lbs.

    Also, the glass hatch I removed from my Porsche track car was 70 lbs, and the pano is almost the size of two of those, so 140 lbs before motors and structure.

    The low batteries do help with the CG compared to most other cars.
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    @Brian H, yes, intentional. I don't have any information.
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    JAD, it's funny you used the 911 Targa as a reference. I also have a Targa, but it is an old SC (1983) It's top weights only about 40 lbs, if not less.
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