Can I charge my new BMW I three from my roadster UMC with an adapter

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I just bought a BMW I-3 for my daily driver. I'm keeping my roadster sport and would like to charge the BMW from my UMC with an adapter if possible is there such an adapter on the market? VI three takes a standard J 1772 plug


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    Shouldn't you be asking this question on the BMW forum?


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    Short answer is not without costly modifications to the Roadster UMC. It is cheaper to just buy a J1772 EVSE that plugs into the NEMA 14-50 that your UMC plugs into. Juicebox or JESLA, or the latest ClipperCreek EVSE.

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    Thank you, AEdennis, I bought the 240 volt plug in Juicebox, and it works great. My roadster can now charge on either, using my j1772 adapter ' can' with the Juicebox. Not sure how Maclary got so exercised about this- many roadster owners must also pick up another electric vehicle. Maybe just easily confused.
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    He posts that same nonsense a few thousand times a year. It's nothing personal. Why Tesla hasn't banned his account is beyond me.
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