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I am experimenting again with longer journeys in the UK and finding it increasingly difficult. As far as I can see the ecotricity sites are now all higher rating and non-compatible and I cannot find any information about an adaptor that will allow connection to the Roadster. IF anyone can point me in the right direction I will be very grateful.

The Type II Mennekes is fine, but some of the points that were installed (eg Ecotricity) have now been replaced with higher speed chargers.

Like everyone else I am really pissed off that Tesla have not done more for Roadster users, who essentially helped get the company launched. AS a minimum we should be getting HPC 70A at the supercharger sites. What can we do to lobby harder for this?

Lastly, is there a UK Roadster owners club forum anywhere? There are not many of us, a facebook group would seem to me a better way to keep in touch and discuss stuff than this forum.


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    Go to and join many other Roadster owners in expressing the short falls of Tesla charging stations for the Roadster.
    As U stated a simple 70 amp charging connection at each Supercharger station would be sufficient for Roadster owners who drive the Roadster out of their city limits and beyond.
    There are Supercharger stations between Houston, Dallas,TX.or
    Houston TX. to Austin,Tx., but to drive a Roadster to either is not reasonable with only Level 1 or 2 charging stations such as Blinks or Chargepoint,one would have to stay overnight somewhere or plan a twelve hour trip, both ways.
    Where as, if Tesla had only consider the Roadster "Range Anxiety " each of us face in our desires to travel out of town, Elon Musk and the Tesla engineers could have installed the 70 AMP charging connection at each Supercharger station.
    The only way the Roadster owners will ever get Tesla attention on this issue will be by having a large group of Roadsters showing up on the same day at the same Supercharger station without a way to charge, and then having the news media to cover the event and it wind up on U-Tube, Motor Trend magazine or on national evening news. titled "Range Anxiety".
    The battery upgrade failed to achieve the 400 range and failed the 1.5 Roadster owners who's "Roadster Do Not Qualify" for the upgrade, even though many of them paid their deposits hoping to get the battery upgrade.
    One day, we will as Roadster owners, all have Expensive Paper Weights, to show the rest of the future buyers of Tesla products just what happens to previous owners as Tesla brings out new products and forgets about the needs of "Those Who Came Before Them".
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