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Overlooked Model X Features (update2)

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Here are some nice minor features that we discovered while looking over Elon's Model X at the release event.

Four tie-down hooks in the trunk area
Lower trunk has a cover (like the Model S) and is deeper than the Model S
When the hatch closes, it hides items in the trunk area
All 7 passenger positions have their own adjustable vent
Front trunk wider than Model S (about 45" near the windshield)
Front seatbelt attachments have a height adjustment
Center row has two pop-out cup holders
Two USB ports for center row passengers
Includes two sun shields for the windshield
Running 7.0 software
Update 1
Lighted Vanity Mirror on visor
All four doors have storage
Falcon Wing doors are larger than opening, should shield you from rain
Falcon Wing doors will not bump into adjacent X that is also opening at the same time (they talk to each other)
Update 2
The center 2nd-row seat has an insert that folds out for use as a armrest
Button on the back of the 2nd row seat moves the seat forward. Easy to reach by 3rd row passenger or when Falcon door is open, and reaching in from outside
Third-row seats include two cup holders
Third-row seats are independent (one can be left up, another folded down)
Third-row headrests fold down (for when the seats are laid down flat)
Sensor on bottom of Falcon door prevents closure on top of someone
Button near bottom of Falcon door makes it easy to close
Rear hatch bottom connection latch area has a clever little metal cover that flips up to hide the connection well
For a more complete list:


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    Glad you could attend, even if I wasn't any help in getting you there! Other threads have said 7.0 is not yet in place. Please clarify.
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    <ul><li><em>When the hatch closes, it hides items in the trunk area</em> << What does that mean?</li></ul>

    The rear hatch has a window. Surely anything visible with it open will still be visible with it closed.
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    The sun visors click magnetically into place
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    @teslatap / logicalthinker, thanks for the updates. I'm curious if the sun visors are large and configurable enough to cover sufficient open glass that extends over the front row? Glad to hear about the 2-row cup holders. Did you happen to notice if there are any support handles above the front / rear doors to assist passengers with entry and exit?
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    @buickguy - I checked the car, and it was running 7.0 software. It may not be ready for the Model S yet and/or Tesla may have a different release schedule for the Model S v7.

    @grant10k - There is a small 8-12" parcel shelf like attachment to the hatch. When the hatch closes it covers the storage area. Simple but elegant.

    @SoCal Buzz - I saw the visors, but didn't get a chance to play with them (lots to look at and many people wanting to sit in the car too). The top 24" or so of the windshield is highly tinted.

    I did not notice any grab handles anywhere. It's possible I missed it, but I don't think so.
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    One item on the list is wrong I believe....It says lighted door handles pop out. I noticed and then confirmed with a Tesla employee that the handle does not pop out. The door automatically opens. The handle is just for show?
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    Huh? Is it just a glorified decoration or does it at least act as a button? You know, you press it to open if you are outside trying to get in and the driver has the touchscreen on something other than controls. Then again, you would want to be able to "lock" them so someone could not just get in whenever they want.

    Any other details?
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    Very good observations on the non-popping door handles.

    That means there's another mystery: if all handles are all flushed, how can you manually grab a handle to open any doors?
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    You probably saw the video from the launch that when the fob is closing in on the car, the driver side door automatically opens itself..not just unlocks but opens its self, then allows the driver to get in and then closes itself...My guess is that either the driver cause the passenger door to open or it might be touch activated....or, like other things on the test cars at the launch, they are not yet released/production ready (like the middle seat center console for the 6 seat option) - I really wanted to configure mine with that but was told its not (yet?) available...
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    V7: All there reported the same.

    <img src="; width="640"/>
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    <b>SoCal Buzz:</b> One of these videos shows a good interior shot looking out of the windshield with the sunvisors in place:

    <a href=" Verge -- <i>Tesla Model X First Drive</i> (2:46)</b></a>

    <a href=" -- <i>Tesla Model X Test Drive</i> (1:46)</b></a>
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    Did you notice if all the ultrasonic sensors are the new hidden type that Elon mentioned or are the tell-tale cutouts still on some parts like the bumper?
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    I read in one of those articles where journalists got access to demo cars that front doors pop open a few inches when you touch the non-handle. Then you can grab somewhere (?) to open it.
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    Notice from the video by The Verge at 2:20: Folding middle 2nd row seat! Makes for an excellent compromise since you now have an armrest and long items like skis and surfboards can easily be slid through the middle if needed.
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    I don't think that's a folded middle seat. Other pictures and articles have shown that they were using the 6-seat configuration in some of the press cars, and they had a center console between them. One article (forget which one) said that the design guys are still fiddling with the design of that.
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    You may be right. It'd surprise me if tesla shouldn't make this an option, though. It would make all the sense i the world to have that middle seat fold. The back of the seat could feature armrests and potentially a buckle/latch to attach a cargo carrying compartment (kind of like the push through ski-bags found i other vehicles, only sturdier). I get that not folding the two outermost seats allows child seats to stay in place, but that middle seat doesn't have latches for the child seats and thus should be able to fold for maximum flexibility. Come on TESLA - make it happen!
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    It will happen (my guess). Folding seats might be introduced at some point in near future. But there lack of won't be stopping X from selling like crazy (my guess, I maybe wrong).
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    Did you notice if there are hooks to hang a suit jacket or a clothes hanger? The ONLY thing I don't like about my Model S is the absence of those hooks (no pano roof, so I can't buy after-market).

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    @EVino "Did you notice if all the ultrasonic sensors are the new hidden type..." The bumper sensors look to be normal visible sensors. I think only the door sensors are the new type. Remember the bumper sensors need to go out to 16 feet, the falcon door might need detection for 12" or less.

    @rbaker2 "Did you notice if there are hooks?" I did not see any. I might have missed it, but I'm 90% sure there were none.
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    Ok, Yes you can get Ludicrous, but when will "PLAID" be available ?
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    At the Ludicrous announcement, Elon said that Maximum Plaid is reserved for the next Roadster.
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    I got cheated. Want plaid, and I will stamp my feet till it happens.

    Whoops, just kidding, children.
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    So, to open the FWDs one just touches the handle? I may be wrong, but my thinking is that there has to a handle that pops out. How are emergency responders to quickly open the doors to get people out?
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    Because of familiarity to Model S, we automatically transfer that knowledge to Model X and assume their door handles should work the same way.

    So far, in person and on films, I haven't seen any evidence of touching Model X handles to open front or Falcon Wing doors.

    I thought both FOBs should work the same so I didn't ask questions or ask for a demo. I guess I should not Assume!
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