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I have been asked to design my Sig X by Oct. 7 (res#795)however, the Dallas storefront does not have an example of what I believe is the new dark wood dash color.

I think I like what I can see of it, but unlike when ordering the S, the website only lets us see a tiny trim piece when selecting colors for the interior, and it is very hard to see. Has anyone taken a phone shot of the new color up close that they could share? Thanks


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    Here are some pics. See if you find what you want. Credit @MarkZ
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    It's hard to tell what is Dark Ash wood from the photos. Elon's car might have it, but it looks more like Piano Black (which isn't even offered on the Signature) since you can't really make out any grain in it. Perhaps someone who was there in person could better describe it.

    The Figured Ash is the lighter wood seen in the photos and stands out much nicer in my opinion.
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    Nope, but thanks for trying. This one is clearly the lighter wood. I want the dark and the only shot of Elons looks to be piano, but may be the dark ash, since like you said it is not an option. Can anybody from Tesla help? I have to approve config by Wed. Thanks
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    I think @MarkZ has ordered some wood option (vague memory). You need to track him down to ask.
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    I was in the same boat. The light ash wood was too light. When I called the Short Hills Tesla sales they had no samples, just of the obeche wood that is in the Model S. He suggested I zoom in the view of my browser window which gives a clearer image of the swatch on the design studio. When I did that (to a max of 500%) I could see a grain similar to the light ash, but much darker. That is preferable to me and should go better with the black headliner I chose. Won't know what it really looks like until I get delivery. This is the weirdest car purchase I have ever been involved in, but I am excited to get this car.
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    I ordered the Figured Ash Wood and that is shown in the photos on Flickr. The first one is from the iPhone and the second from the Canon camera. Conclusion: Don't trust the exact color shown:

    I thought Elon had Piano Black until I saw a closeup of his USB ports behind the drivers console. The slight amount of wood behind the arm rest looked like Dark Ash to me. My photos do not show the wood in a quality way. Please examine the multiple videos link and enjoy looking at Model X in real time.

    Found the link:

    It's only on for a short time when you see the décor next to the driver's armrest. It occurs before the final scene where the center armrest is shown in the 2nd row.

    Watching full screen will make it easier to see the details.

    Keep in mind that the Dark Ash appears to have the same gloss as Piano Black in the Design Studio.
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    <img src="//" width="80%" title="Figured Ash Décor with Canon camera" />
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    Credit goes to @Mark Z. too (Sorry Mark, I should have included that above).
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    I hope they offer that for non-Signature and on the Model S. My clear favorite.
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    @MarkZ, great photos, thanks for your efforts, you must have stuck around very late to get some of these pictures without a hundred people around you.
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    Hey!! I'm in one of the photos! Thanks, @MarkZ! I feel special now... :D
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    Thanks everyone for the complements. No problem on the credit, just pleased that the photos can help and I should have taken more of the doors. Very please to see other videos that have been posted. Everyone's efforts have given us a good look at Model X and examine with more detail.

    BTW, the reason for the links is because the original resolution is at Flickr for those who want to zoom in closer. It also allows you to view all the photos easily.

    Jeffrey - They are using the Figured Ash at the Tesla Model X site, so that is a good sign that it might be available. It also could be that no one knows the final status yet!

    Ken - I arrived at 6 PM and left just before 1 AM. Persistence pays off for both the drive event and getting a closer look at the Model X. This isn't the first time. The Preview for Model X was on 2/9/12.

    Bobby - Glad the camera was aimed in your direction. Many have enjoyed seeing themselves at the event.
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