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An open letter to Elon Musk and all the wonderful, hard-working people at Tesla:

I am tired of the ignorant among the press and the shorts grasping at every possible straw to discredit the incredible vision you have brought to the auto industry, to the human race, and to the planet. Recently, there have been plenty of accusations about why the model 3 will be something less than we all believe it can and will be. Prior to the unveil, there were even rumored demand problems. The past seventy-two hours have shown otherwise. It is clear that the desire for a true and workable solution to the transportation question is upon us, and we all have you to thank. So with deepest sincerity, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

In gratitude, I would like to offer some small token of appreciation in return, a token that I hope will assist in realizing our collective goals. Despite the overwhelming popularity of your efforts, many of these analysts, shorts, and the press are trying to diminish your accomplishments and the excitement of your customers, and those who believe in your vision, by stressing in articles, blogs, and commentary that several of us who reserved the model 3 might cancel our orders. They continue to stress the availability of competing models, the wait times, the potential tax credit difficulties, and that cash flow constraints and new production and delivery challenges brought on by the quarter-million orders you currently have will somehow dampen enthusiasm. I would like to assist in helping Tesla stand up to these challenges. Here is what I ask:

Please allow me to confirm my model 3 orders. All three of them. Let me be clear: I am not asking to move any further up in the queue, and in fact feel perfectly fine in the place I am (which is likely some ways back, as I reserved thursday late afternoon). I would like to confirm irrespective of whether tax credits will be available when delivery occurs. I would like to confirm despite production or supply chain or any other risky bits either within or exogenous to Tesla's control which could potentially delay delivery by even several years. I would like to confirm despite changes you may make to the minimum specs or design of the vehicle provided, as I know they would be, they are done in good faith. As a token of that commitment, and in an effort to provide even more capital to help in whatever way you feel is best, I would be happy to deposit an additional $1000 per reserved model 3. Please make this option available on the My Tesla portion of your site, and feel free to publish to the world how many among your reservation holders are fully committed, and in it for the long game right beside you.

Best Regards,
Denver, CO


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    I applaud your excitement and enthusiasm and I feel that many of us owners having the privilege to drive a Tesla and believing in the mission of the company, feel the same in some degree. I wished Tesla would allow the people to increase their deposit to anywhere from 2-5k to provide more capital for the company and make all or half of it non refundable to show the commitment people are willing to make. I have no doubt M3 will be a car I want to own even though it may not be perfect.
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    I'm in.
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    We don't even have any (real) incentives for electric cars in Germany as of yet. I reserved the car during the unveil and fully intend to got through with this. It's a lesson in patience but I know it will be worth it. Until then my Renault ZOE will have to do.
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    Great idea. Count me in!
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