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WHAT A ARE THE THE DIMENSIOBS OF THE CAR. Length (bumper to bumper), Width ??


  • lphlph
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    Its kinda are like the Tardis. Big inside and small outsideob.
    That is about as accurate as I can get.
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    We don't know. And EM said it is evolving. You'll just have to wait for "soon" to come, like the rest of us.
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    OK Thank You Ah yes/no the dreaded Tesla "soon" I hope EM will be careful with that, now that Tesla is going for the mass/consumer market.
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    Do a search for this to get a good idea of how large, small, long, short, or tall the vehicle is relative to its environment:

    YouTube -- Tesla Model 3 Real Live Footage Spotted in The Wild 02 April 2016 HD Video
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