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Illinois tollway IPass not working

Has anyone had their IPass not work when mounted to the windshield?
Any advice?


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    The windshield of the model S blocks radio, infrared, and GPS as well as Bluetooth. I had to mount an external transponder on the front license plate mount. Although others have had success putting their transponder in the dotted area on the windshield, which I could never figure out where it was on my car.
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    It's just to the right of the rear view mirror (at least in the refreshed model).
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    The base of the rearview mirror is the only place where IPass and EZPass work in our March 2014 build.
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    Mike if you ever plan on driving the Skyway or the Indiana Tollway - do what ishaik said - get the hideous front license plate transponder. I spent about 3 months and countless times backing up traffic reading the transponder serial number to the toll booth phone. It is a pain in the rear. The only option that worked for me was that license plate transponder mounted on the plate.

    You can try zip tying the license plate transponder to the grill, or putting it behind the nose cone. I did both - about 25% of the time the Skyway or Indiana tollway tolls still didn't work. Wasn't worth the trouble to me.

    Front plate mount is the only way to go.
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    I went to the Ogden avenue Transit Authority site. A woman there had a hand-held reader that allowed me to put the transponder in the best location on the windshield, just upper right of the mirror. Our IPass works correctly all the time. Our Tesla is an S85D delivered in April 2015.
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    I went with external transponder. Base/left/right of windshield and behind nose cone all failed for me (14' S85) .
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    I have the front plate transponder, too. Always works.
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    Ours is spotty but works > 80% of the time since moving it just to the most upper right of the windshield glass, to the left of the mirror.
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    I've had no problems using either an EZ-Pass or FL SunPass transponder mounted on the windshield, in the dark area to the right of the rear view mirror. My Model S is a pre-refresh 2016 model.
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    Mike, I have mid-15 85D. The regular white transponder would not work anywhere on the windshield. I don't have a front license plate holder but I got the big black transponder and tried zip-tying it behind the nosecone. As DL noted, it didn't work most of the time, especially when we drove through the Indiana and Ohio Turnpikes. I even had the transponder number to give to the people at the exit booth but one lady insisted on seeing the transponder since I might have "stolen" someone else's number. It was a real pain.

    For now, I just keep the transponder in the center tray and when I'm going through the express lanes, I open the sunroof to 30% and stick my arm up through the gap, holding the transponder as high as possible. Seems to work! [g]
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    @dance, very interesting. I wonder if mounting the transponder on the sun roof glass would work. The Sun pass is just a flat sticker do it wouldn't interfere with the operation of the roof.
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    I never found the right spot on the windshield of our 2013 Model S and have used Vtoll in IL for the last 3 years. I stick the transponder out the window/ pano on roadtrips.

    BTW, noticed the transponder on the license plate on the loaner last month.
  • So I called iPass up to complain that my iPass transponder wasn’t being read and I had racked up 3 months of late fees. They told me to change the ‘type of Vehicle’ in my iPass account from ‘Passenger Car’ to “Other- none of the above”! I am contesting the late fees because nobody ever informed me that a Tesla was NOT considered a passenger vehicle by the Illinois tollway! My wish is that Illinoisans who got stuck with literal highway robbery after buying their Tesla and adding it to their iPass account would start a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT to recoup all the late fees and untold hours and headaches/ ulcers dealing with this crap!
  • My I-Pass transponder works reliably when held to the right of the rearview mirror on my 2020 May Model S, same as some other posters have stated. I say "held" because my wife refuses to let me stick it up there permanently - she says it's too ugly.
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