0-60 mph in the 60 kWh Model S - faster than published!

0-60 mph in the 60 kWh Model S - faster than published!

I recently clocked a 0-60 mph run in my MS 60 at 5.6 sec vs. the published number of 5.9! My measurement technique was one I'd read about over on thie TMC forums, which was to take a video of the speedo and scrub the video frame by frame and trim to the point where the blue line first shows up to the point where it hits the 60 mark. The resulting clip was 5.6 seconds - not bad...

cschock | 14 March, 2013

Not bad is really an understatement. That's quite fast for a large sedan! (Can't wait for our 85 to arrive next week!)

negarholger | 14 March, 2013

Geek EV - depends on how full your battery is. Fully charged the battery has higher voltage helping your acceleration. TM is probably quoting at something like 50% charge level.

lph | 14 March, 2013

Any chance you could do runs to 40 and 80 or 90mph? This would be useful to confirm the numbers I calculated. The times below are assuming a 1 foot rollout as Motor Trend does which usually lops off about .3 sec 0-XX times. Using your data we get an estimate 5.6-.3=5.3 sec with a 1 foot rollout which equals my estimate.
I am assuming you did not do the 1 foot rollout test (does not look like it)...
See my re-post below:

lph | January 18, 2013

Don't have the actual numbers because the S60 has not been tested yet. However extrapolating from the data that Tesla has provided (just two numbers plus HP and torque) and a factor for the difference between Tesla results and Motor Trend (MT) results.. Here is my best guess (using a curve fitting technique which has worked well in the past) if MT had tested it.
0-30 2.4 sec
0-40 3.2
0-50 4.2
0-60 5.3
0-70 6.6
0-80 8.2
0-90 10
0-100 12.2
1/4 mile 13.8 at 105.5
45-65 2.1 sec

Note that the 0-60 and 1/4 mile times are less than Teslas numbers... this is because MT has come in with shorter times in their tests for the P85 and S85 (partly because MT uses a 1 foot rollout as most other testing agencies do, which I believe Tesla did not.

Because it is electric and has one speed it appears to be easier to estimate the performance than a car with an ICE and gears. It will be interesting to see how this compares when the actual S60 results come in

AndrewM | 15 March, 2013

If the 60kWh comes in at 5.3s with rollout, what are the times for the P85 and S85 on a similar basis?

Whity Whiteman | 15 March, 2013


Cattledog | 15 March, 2013


AndrewM | 15 March, 2013

Thanks both. I'm impressed the S60 is so close to the S85. And even more impressed that the actual times are better than the official figures; the reverse sometimes is often true for ICE cars. Maybe Tesla should be more bullish with their marketing?!

lph | 15 March, 2013

P85 is 4.0 sec.
I published numbers are on another thread. Cant remember exactly which one. Or you can look at Motor Trend which has a test with both S and P 85.

lph | 15 March, 2013

There is a funny thing going on with testing. Motor Trend, Inside Line and some others get a tight data set. However, the Hurst publications (thats Road and Track + Car and Driver) get slower numbers in particular above 60 mph. Wondering how different the testimg proceedure is. It does not appear to because of the use (or not) of the 1 foot rollout. Are the slower tests a result of testing in colder weather or with a battery that has already been subjected to top speed runs prior thus causing the battery to be off max ... I dont know.

RedShift | 15 March, 2013

I always suspected 5.7 was the real number for the 60kwh, based on
Real world testing reports I had read of the top of the line Model S.

diegoPasadena | 15 March, 2013

I suppose it would make somewhat of a difference if the test driver weighs 300 pounds or 150. A significant weight difference in the driver's might be measurable.

GeekEV | 15 March, 2013

@lph - I can get any speeds up to 60 by retrimming the video. I do know the 0-30 was 2.5 sec. I'll try to remember to check the others when I get home and post again. I don't see myself doing this again anytime soon and certainly not to higher speeds unless I take it to the strip...

GeekEV | 15 March, 2013

@diegoPasadena - I'm 240, whatever that tells you. ;-)

lolachampcar | 15 March, 2013

MS is stupid fast for a 4700lb car in any battery configuration so I LOVE the idea that Tesla is down selling the numbers and letting the customer find out they got more than they bargained for.

GeekEV | 15 March, 2013

OK, here's my actual numbers for 0-30, 0-40, 0-50 & 0-60 mph:

0-30 2.5 sec
0-40 3.3 sec
0-50 4.4 sec
0-60 5.6 sec

Surprisingly linear once you hit 30. Or perhaps not surprising...

GeekEV | 23 March, 2013

Hey guys, I had some spare time and an empty stretch of road today and got a clean run from 0-120 mph. Using the same video technique described above, the times are as follows (note that my 0-60 was 5.5 today):

0-10 mph = 0.8 sec
0-20 mph = 1.6 sec
0-30 mph = 2.5 sec
0-40 mph = 3.3 sec
0-50 mph = 4.3 sec
0-60 mph = 5.5 sec
0-70 mph = 7.0 sec
0-80 mph = 8.8 sec
0-90 mph = 11.0 sec
0-100 mph = 14.2 sec
0-110 mph = 18.6 sec
0-120 mph = 25.8 sec


EVTripPlanner | 23 March, 2013

Yeah, my P85 is a grin-a-minute...whether I measure the nanosecs or not! Some comments:

* in the real-world, untrained layman drivers can get the published times in the MS...not so with ICE cars where you have to actually play engine/tranny tricks to optimize for the power band.

* video technique could be subject to significant error, since I think it updates perhaps 4x per second and does rounding/averaging/smoothing in software.

...but so what!

riceuguy | 23 March, 2013

Ahhhh...this is terrible! Well, I mean, it is terrible because you are making the wait just terribly difficult to take! I want my car!! I just need to keep reminding myself that it's just a few more weeks...

GeekEV | 23 March, 2013

@cliff - I assume you mean the speedo updates at 4x per second, not the video (that's 30fps of course)? I'm not sure that's true because if I go frame by frame starting at 0 to frame 30, I see every single mph from 1-12 click by in that one second. So it's updating the speedo at least 12 times a second (0.083 sec accuracy). It may be even more often than that, but since it doesn't read fractional mph I can't tell.

GeekEV | 23 March, 2013

@riceuguy - What makes this all the more remarkable to me is how uneventful it all is. Smooth, quiet, completely deceptive. I did the 0-120 run with just one hand on the wheel and one hand holding the camera and didn't feel the least bit insecure about it. It took no force to hold the wheel straight. The car is incredibly well planted and totally under control (in a straight line anyway).

Filipe Portugal | 23 March, 2013

And a video?

sethvandermeer | 23 March, 2013

Why is there no P60? I think here in Europe there is a market for it (and I guess in urban parts of the US as well)

hans.z | 24 March, 2013

i think the problem is you cant get more power out of the 60kwh pack with the current battery chemistry. i think the cells have a max discharge level of 4c thats 240kw or 321 hp.

lph | 24 March, 2013

Thanks for the numbers!
Did the video count begin at 1 mph or a projected 0? If it is at 1 then there is a small rollout already in the numbers of about .08 sec. Either way the car is quick.
Lop off about .22 to 0.3 sec from each of those numbers and that can be used for comparison with Motor Trends published numbers and many other magazines that use the 1 foot roll out.

lph | 24 March, 2013

GeekEV. Sorry to pester you with questions. What was the temperature outside? Did you do any high speeds runs or acitivities putting alot.of demand on the battery immediately before the test? Also was the state of charge of the battery at the test?
The reason I am asking is that there is a big difference between various various tests so far with the P85 above 60 MPH and am trying to figure out if it could be some human or enviomental condition causing this.

carlk | 24 March, 2013

It's a way to measure other than you have to accout for the speedometer errors. Speedometers are usually set up to be a few percent higher than actual to compensate for manufacturing tolerance, tire wear and inflation etc.. Pros measure speed with radar or a fifth wheel just for this reason.

GeekEV | 24 March, 2013

@lph - I started with one frame of 0 before it clicked to 1 mph and ended with 1 frame at the target speed. It was (what appeared to be) level terrain at about 10:30 in the morning on a sunny day at about 50F. I had spent about half an hour traversing this road at various speeds before hand (with several good thrusts). I think the battery pack was pretty warm at the time because on my next run after that I got power limited.

@carlk - Granted, not the most scientific method perhaps, but it's the best I can do.

@Filipe - It wouldn't be the most interesting video in the world, it was just focused on the speedo.

diegoPasadena | 24 March, 2013

Geek EV
Where do you have a stretch of road on which you can go 120 mph? I wanna be there! I lift at 90 in fear of our friendly law enforcement.

BTW: If you have a Hero GoPro handy and are curious about the resolution of the read-out, you can set it to 720/60 and get 60 fps. But I think for all intents and purposes, what you did perfectly illustrates the point. Thanks for doing it.

Speedometer accuracy: I'm not sure the Tesla's is off by much. It coincides almost exactly with the speed read out on GPS navigator (this *RIDICULOUS* thing that I installed because I didn't want to drop $3k to get a Nav device - the one thing I think Tesla really dropped the ball in - an unnecessary slip in style, like seeing the hottest, most elegant date you've ever been out with come back from the bathroom with her dress accidentally tucked into her panties... but that's another topic... ;^)

Alex K | 24 March, 2013

@diegoPasadena | MARCH 24, 2013: [...]like seeing the hottest, most elegant date you've ever been out with come back from the bathroom with her dress accidentally tucked into her panties...

If that's he reason you didn't get the tech package, I can appreciate that!

portia | 25 March, 2013

Nice report,
don't know if I saw a post I made, I had to have my MS on a tow truck to the service center a while ago, and the tow truck driver said there was a black S impounded at their lot due to Exhibition of speed ticket, for 30 days and cost like $2000 (or was it $1000?) to get it out! wow, so have fun, don't go near any cops. I would hate to get that ticket.

Oaktowner | 25 March, 2013
GeekEV | 26 March, 2013

@diegoPasadena, @portia - It was, um, ahem, a private road. Yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

GeekEV | 4 July, 2013

Sorry for the long delay, but here's the footage I used as my stopwatch for these tests: