3.9 seconds to 60!! .5 seconds faster than Tesla we're they too modest?

3.9 seconds to 60!! .5 seconds faster than Tesla we're they too modest?

When Tesla had announced a seven seat sedan can go 0-60 in 4.4 seconds people were impressed . But then Edmunds beat that with 4.3 seconds, now Motortrend has blown them away with 3.9 seconds, was Tesla too modest? It's not like it has launch control! Should they retest they're own car?

Michael23 | 27 August, 2012

Agree, but they test cars differently at motor trend, they give it a rolling start first.

At the very least it should be 4.2

olanmills | 27 August, 2012

Man, it would be nice if the non-sport model could go 0-60 in close to 5.0 seconds!

I've been thinking a lot about the sport model lately and how its claimed 0-60 is over a second better than the non-sport 85 kWh model, and how the difference is only ~0.5 second between the other models. I think having that sub-5 second (or even 4 seconds!) time would be awesome, but at the same time the $12k premium does not feel worth it to me. (I say $12k because I do want leather and air suspension, which is worth $3k, but I don't want the 21" wheels, sport tires, spoiler, or carbon fiber anywhere).

However, if it's possible to get the 85 kWh to 60 mph a half second faster than the claimed time, then I won't feel so much longing for the sprot version.

olanmills | 27 August, 2012

P.S. we know that at this is at least partially controlled with software. Maybe Tesla is still tweaking the settings to balance performance, safety, stability, wear & tear etc.

Given that Motor Trend used Elon's car in the test, I was wondering if maybe it was not configured the same as a production car, but then if that was the case, you would think that Elon and Tesla wouldn't be reiterating the test results in public tweets. So I guess it's legit.

archibaldcrane | 27 August, 2012

I do kinda like the Tesla strategy here (if that's what it is). 4.4 0-60 is crazy fast for a 4-door vehicle of any type, making it a top-10 sedan at any price point, close to top-5. Noone questions those credentials, it's f'in fast.

But then the testers get their hands on it, and everyone bites their nails and crosses their fingers to it REALLY that fast?

And nothing beats exceeding the expectations of the public by having a non-rollout 4.35 from one site and a 1-ft rollout 3.9 from another. Just crazy.

modelsboy | 28 August, 2012

I think that Tesla fully loaded the car with max payload to test performance. The other testers just take the empty car with only the driver out to test.

Volker.Berlin | 28 August, 2012

BTW, here is another thread discussing the Motor Trend article:
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