Accident Avoidance Technology on the drawing board?

Accident Avoidance Technology on the drawing board?

Accident Avoidance Technology on the drawing board?

I see there's a Model S with rudimentary Accident
Avoidance Warning System:

Accident Avoidance Technology such as:
Autonomous braking systems to prevent an accident from
front/back/turns..., lane departure avoidance, sleepy driver
available in one form or another by Acura, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Lexus, BMW...

GM now also offers "virtual bumper" for 2013 Cadillac

I would love to buy this technology.
What's your estimation that Tesla would be interested in
planning for it?

Vawlkus | 16 October, 2012

Collision avoidance technology is already available: it's called a good driver.

Volker.Berlin | 16 October, 2012

That particular custom installation is discussed in detail over an TMC:

jerry3 | 20 October, 2012


Okay, that covers 1% of vehicles, what about the other 99%.

Brian H | 20 October, 2012

Check out the system in "The Marching Morons", by Kornbluth. :D

Timo | 21 October, 2012

According to drivers themselves about 75% of them are above average.

...maybe that can be "true" as perception (you don't pay attention to those that drive nicely), so what does that say about the remaining 25%? Collision avoidance is for that 25%.

There has been a comical series in TV about the "worst driver", I have seen now three variations from different countries of the same format. Each one raised the same question: how the h*ll did those people get their driving licenses? There are some really bad drivers out there.

Brian H | 21 October, 2012

The 25% are quite dangerous to the other 75%, even assuming that the 75% are safe themselves. Competent but emotionally volatile is a whole 'nother category.

shawn.ellis | 23 October, 2012

Man just asked about new driving tech, what is the issue? I would like to see it too.