Aftermarket Wheels for Model S

Aftermarket Wheels for Model S

Hi all, I test drove a P85 performance last week and was blown away. Think I'm going to order one soon. So I'm contemplating between the 19in and 21in wheels. I would prefer to just get the 19in wheels for now since I've always replaced my stock wheels with aftermarket wheels. However, the Tesla rep had told me during the test drive that I shouldn't consider aftermarket wheels because 1) the MS is over 4000 pounds, and aftermarket wheels may not support a car that heavy and 2) aftermarket wheels would void the car's warranty. On #1, can someone help out and let us know if there is a "weight rating" on wheels? On #2, does anyone know if aftermarket wheels do in fact void the car's warranty? Thanks all!

shamrockceo | 29 July, 2013

Aftermarket wheels can support the car. Examples:

Lots more if you search Google for Model S with rims.

GoEV | 30 July, 2013

Thanks sham. So am I being paranoid? Should I just approach changing rims on the MS the same way I do with any other car? Anyone know about whether that voids the warranty?

ghawkinz | 30 July, 2013

I really doubt Tesla would void a warranty because the owner decides he wants a different wheel-set. I'd love to get an official answer on this though as I am thinking of ordering with the 19's only to switch to Vossen CV1's or CV4's

GeekEV | 30 July, 2013

It is against US law to deny warranty coverage because of aftermarket parts unless they can be demonstrated as having caused the problem.

"Warrantors cannot require that only branded parts be used with the product in order to retain the warranty."

Michael70 | 30 July, 2013
Bought new black rims and tires.

GoEV | 31 July, 2013

GeekEV, thanks, that's really helpful.

Michael70, post some pics!

Anyone know about wheel weight ratings and whether we need to consider that since the MS is so heavy?

fluxemag | 31 July, 2013

I have Vossen CV4 wheels on my car, 20". Unfortunately they sent me a bent wheel and refused to warranty it until I did a chargeback. Then all of a sudden they wanted to work things out. Two months in and I'm still waiting for them to credit my account, although they did finally send me a replacement wheel. Terrible customer service and warranty.

Other thing to consider is the load rating of the tires. Tire rack is a great resource if you can speak to their tech. He saved me from ordering a tire that wasn't rated high enough. In fact, he called me to say they won't ship the order because of that.

Dr. Bob Reinke | 1 August, 2013

We got 2 sets of 19" wheels, a set of Wet Track Michelins and a set of Bridgstone Blizzaks all from with the TPMS from Tesla installed, mounted and precision balanced. (Tesla had to caliberate TPMS) No problems with Tesla or Tire Rack. Tesla had no snow tires or 19 inch rims. Tire Rack has a list of proper rim size, bolt pattern, backset, and load ratings listed for Tesla Model S. All at a better price than any local tire discounter.

ChristianG | 2 August, 2013

In another thread it was posted that Tesla will not change, install or service aftermarket tires. But that too was just something a Tesla guys said on a test drive so who knows how reliable that is.

GeekEV | 2 August, 2013

Who cares? Tires are tires, wheels are wheels. If Tesla won't service them just go to any old tire shop.

mfcnova | 2 August, 2013

@fluxemag I am considering the same wheels for my S. Do you have a picture of your car with the wheels mounted?

mfcnova | 2 August, 2013

@fluxemag I found your pictures on TMC. They look great!

fluxemag | 2 August, 2013

Maybe you can buy mine. I'm so disgusted with Vossen I get upset every time I look at them. 2 months later and still no refund for the defective wheel. I'll have to take those pictures down as to not help them sell any more. And to think, all they had to do was honor their warranty and I would have probably helped sell 5 sets already.

CAdreamin | 3 August, 2013
NICE | 4 August, 2013

PM me. I may buy them and try dealing with it.

ahurdle | 16 August, 2013

The car is heavy, well sorta heavy. But there are plenty of cars that weigh more and have aftermarket wheels on them. My experience with aftermarket wheels is that you should get the best ones you can afford. No knock on tirerack, who I have used dozens of times, but cheap cast wheels may not hold up to the combined weight and forces of the car. Basically, the wheels will bend on pot holes and stuff. A lot of companies make quality rips for the heavier cars. I would recommend a forged wheel because it is much stronger than a cast wheel, and it is lighter. The weight of the wheel will effect the battery life.

And as others mentioned, a manufacturer cannot void the warranty of the car because of the wheels unless they directly cause the failure.

So yeah, forged rims will be strong enough, and light enough. I really like Adv1 wheels and HRE.

Brian H | 16 August, 2013

?? "make quality rips for the heavier cars" ?? rims?

Paul | 14 December, 2014

Be sure to get the correct TPMS sensors. Cars built from roughly September 2014 are using Continental sensors. S147's will not work. Talk to your Srcice Center!