Alpha & Beta Testers

Alpha & Beta Testers

This is my letter to Tesla formally, and humbly of course, offering up the services of myself and my family as testers. I know you probably have a preset number of cars planning to be built, but I can offer the following advantages:

1) I'm on the Signature reservation list as S-51
2) I live in Canada, so the winters are harsh, and there is tons of salt on the road.
3) I have a wife, 3 kids and a Golden Retriever dog. The car will be full and used lots.
4) My wife and kids are VERY good at breaking things.
If there are any problems with the car, they WILL find them all, guaranteed.
5) My wife and kids have zero patience, for anything. The kids got it from my wife :)
If something does not work quickly and smoothly, you'll hear about it.
6) I live 78kms from work, so it will be driven long distances on super highways and city streets.
7) I live 75kms from the Tesla Store in downtown Toronto, so any service calls can be tested out too.
8) I live in the Greater Toronto Area (pop +6million), so every bad road and crazy driver condition you can possibly think of will be tested, daily.
9) My 1999 commuter car, a Honda Civic, is starting to die and I needed it to last until my signature is delivered. I'm highly motivated.
10) I promise to do my very best to test it every day and push it to its limits, if that is what you need me to do.
11) Every weekend my family travels 118kms each way to our cottage in an isolated area in Central Ontario over gravel roads and other various hazards. It will make for good testing.
12) I'm in total love with the Model S car and the company. My 8yr old son still plays with the RC roadster, which I've fixed 3 times, as he broke it.
13) We will be sworn to secrecy.
14) While driving it around an area of over 6 million people, I'll act in the highest regard of decorum and respect. My family and I will be ambassadors for the car and the Tesla brand. Millions of people will see it and that has got to be good for prospective sales too.

Feel free to ask me any questions you want.

I respectfully await your call.


Volker.Berlin | 26 May, 2011

Me too! Me too! :-)
[Though I don't have a Golden Retriever. Beautiful breed, congratulation.]

Mittar | 26 May, 2011

Pretty sure the testers for Alpha and Beta both are professional drivers specifically trained in the testing department. It is quite a nice thought though :)

Brian H | 27 May, 2011

Professional drivers can't begin to get the data Tesla needs. They drive well, don't make mistakes, don't have rambunctious kids or back-seat drivers, and are programmed to look for certain things. A real family ventures into the unknown, the universe of random Murphy Events.

I think SS's offer is too good to refuse.

mnx | 27 May, 2011

If Tesla were to give betas to random individuals for testing they'd be a lineup from here to California. I know I'd certainly be interested. lol I even sent them my "test driver" resume a year or so ago.

- mnx

Charged_Up | 27 May, 2011

What a great idea - as S-92 I'll volunteer for the hot weather as the summers don't get much warmer than Miami. Besides, my daughter already has test driven the roadster as a passenger and my picture of her in the passenger seat is now her facebook picture! My MB E320 has about 247,000 miles on it and needs to last until next year....

Volker.Berlin | 28 May, 2011

Just to be sure -- 247,000 miles or km? If it's miles, then wow! :-) I know such mileage is not uncommon for a MB, but remarkable nonetheless.

Timo | 28 May, 2011

How old is that car? I tried to find out when MB started producing E320 but couldn't find it with fast search. I guessing a lot of long rides with that car. That's easier to ICE than city traffic, so it lasts longer relative to miles traveled.

Volker.Berlin | 28 May, 2011

"E320" is not enough information to infer the age. You'd need the W-number to identify the actual series. For E-class taxis (cabs) it is not uncommon to hit half a million kilometers, and that's practically pure city traffic. But those usually are 200D, lethargic but economic, and they run a lot so they get there before getting really old.

Charged_Up | 29 May, 2011

that's miles. it's a 1999 4-matic that was placed into service in early 2000. for a number of years, I commuted about 120 miles/day but now I drive about 3000 miles a year. My wife, however, drives about 12,000 but that's because I work from home and she drives kids to school...

maybe with a model s, I'll have an excuse to do more driving!

ncn | 6 June, 2011

From his description, Straight Shooter is the kind of guy *I* want testing the car! We have a similar variety of road conditions in upstate NY, and I'm quite sure Tesla hasn't yet fully thought them through, what with the very low announced underclearance, etc. I want the car run over high speed bumps, mountain roads, gravel roads, dirt roads, potholed pavement, all in the snow and ice, with massive amounts of salt thrown at it.

ColinBowern | 8 June, 2011

If Straight Shooter is unable to serve for any reason I would nominate myself as the backup. I meet most of the credentials except I live just a bit further outside of the GTA. 8-D

BYT | 13 June, 2011

I'm in the Bay Area and would love to test out a car as well! Sold my daily commuter car 2 months ago (had 1 too many in the family anyway). Waiting for a car to call my own again!