Another User Error problem - leaving the parcel shelf folded up

Another User Error problem - leaving the parcel shelf folded up

My previous user error was always forgetting to close the charge port cover - unplug, get in, realize, swear, get out, close, get in... I managed to break that habit.

Now it is the parcel shelf. Whenever I put groceries or anything in the trunk I fold up the parcel shelf for better access, and almost always forget to put it down again. I close the trunk lid, drive away and realize the first time I look out of the rear view mirror that I can't see a damn thing. Doh!

Don't they say the biggest risk in a car is the loose nut attached to the wheel?

Brian H | 28 April, 2013

It's even worse if he's tight.

trydesky | 28 April, 2013

lol nickjhowe

I had to break myself of the same habit with the charge port door!!

But you deserve a pass on the parcel shelf (assuming you've had your car for some time before getting the shelf). Having the car for months before getting the shelf (mine arrived just this week) I'm afraid I'll do the same thing! Hopefully this thread will make me think twice.

GeekEV | 28 April, 2013

Fortunately you can just turn on the backup cam... ;-)

Robert22 | 29 April, 2013

My parcel shelf folds flat when up. Did I miss something?

nickjhowe | 30 April, 2013

@Robert22 - mine doesn't. It sticks slightly past vertical. Completely blocks the view out of the back of the car.

Spyder34 | 30 April, 2013

Mine stays vertical as well when in the up position. Afraid I'll "crack" something if I force it to lay flat against itself when in the up position. But I may try now.

Lessmog | 30 April, 2013

From what I've read here abouts, I wonder if the shelf is upside-down? That may explain why it won't fold flat. I don't have one to check (nor a Model S!)

DouglasR | 30 April, 2013

Might be upside down. The little hooks go down, with rounded edge toward the back.

Keith72 | 1 May, 2013

DouglasR - that's how I installed mine, and I've had no issues with it blocking my view when left up. It doesn't fold quite flat, but it doesn't block my view out of the rear window (I can just barely see it when I look in the rear view mirror).

Pungoteague_Dave | 1 May, 2013

Mine is definitely installed correctly and will not fold flat. It completely blocks the rear view.

Robert22 | 1 May, 2013


Can you post a picture? Curious to see if we're talking about the same shelf installed in a similar fashion.

Brian H | 1 May, 2013

Carpet side down, BION.

Robert22 | 3 May, 2013

Yes, the brackets obviously face down which only permits the carpet side to be down. I'm more interested to see how the fabric is attached around the fold which seems to vary. The shelf can also be pushed flush against the back seat or be pushed about 3/4 of an inch rearward.

olanmills | 3 May, 2013

No one has yet mentioned that there are two versions of the parcel shelf. The eariler ones had two folds (three sections), and then later the partial shelf was redesigned and to only have one fold.

That's the kind I have. You can't fold one half flat against the other with the newer kind, or at least, it feels like it's not meant to do that.

Keith72 | 3 May, 2013

Mine has the one fold, and while it doesn't fold completely flat, it also doesn't block my view when left folded. Best of all mine had no smell to it, which seemed to be an issue with some of the early deliveries. On one of the other forums concerning the parcel shelf, it seems like there might be three versions of the shelf.

akikiki | 3 May, 2013

I had to get out again anyway to close my charging port door that I forgot (again). I then compliment myself for remembering to fold the pacel shelf flat at the same time and saving getting out a second time for just the parcel shelf.

nickjhowe | 4 May, 2013

@akikiki +1 LOL

jillsv12 | 24 January, 2014

I ordered a Parcel Shelf with my S as I like the option of keeping items in my trunk hidden. However, with the shelf in place I find it difficult to put anything sizable in or access the full back trunk? And several times I have flipped the back half up so as to be able to access the full trunk area and then forgot to put it back down before I close the trunk. And then I get into the car and go to back out but can’t see out the rearview mirror (though one can always use the camera).

Maybe Tesla will come up with an elegant solution, but here's my 10 minute fix-it.

Musker | 24 January, 2014

Eric: great solution. Can you detail your installation?
All: is the car any more quiet with the shelf?

Captain_Zap | 24 January, 2014

I figured it out. I have had two parcel shelves. The first one was replaced because it became delaminated.

The second parcel shelf that I got did lay flat when I flipped it back. The second parcel shelf is bulkier and it does not lie flat.
I think I liked the original parcel shelf better. It is too bad that the original version delaminated.

I know that my original parcel shelf would have been produced around the same time as olanmills'. He has a very early Model S too.

PBEndo | 24 January, 2014

Acceleration can affect the position of the parcel shelf, just like the passenger side floor mat.

DallasTXModelS | 24 January, 2014


I was thinking the same thing. I fold the shelf in half to use the trunk floorboard for getting out and putting back the mobile charging cable. Mine folds back completely flat.

They showed me at delivery that the both the lid to the lower storage compartment (I don't have the fold away seats) and the folded in half parcel shelf fit perfectly flat in the bottom of the storage area which creates a place to sit tall things like luggage.

bradtesla | 24 January, 2014

I strapped on some shoelaces that pull the latch up and back down automatically when I open the hatch. I'll try and find pictures if anyone is interested.

chrisdl | 24 January, 2014

Yes, please. Thank you!

bradtesla | 25 January, 2014

These are older pictures, when I was testing different methods to strap. I'm using permanent double-stick tape that is cut slightly longer (as you can see. Then I used rip-stop tent tape black colored to hide it.

Let me know if you want updated pictures with more details. I can't find the thread on TMC where I got this idea from, but there was another person who has done something simlar.

bradtesla | 25 January, 2014

Oh forgot to mention, I'm using a metal clip to clip the string to the shock mount. That way I can remove it whenever I want.