Any experience washing MS at Lozano in MV?

Any experience washing MS at Lozano in MV?

Did you feel it they are geared for it w/o damaging paint?

TikiMan | 5 May, 2013

I have NO idea what MS AT LOZANO is, however, IF you want to keep your MS in showroom condition, I suggest you wash it yourself with the best products, and follow the rules of 'the Junkman'...

Kauai | 5 May, 2013

I have taken both my Model S to Lozano MV. Lozano has handled a fair number of Model S, given the number of Peninsula owners. Remind them to send a driver through the wash, and I would set the suspension to high just in case.

All that said I would suggest you follow advice from @nickjhowe and @Tikiman and wash the car yourself for the best results. After a few months of seeing swirlies accumulate from Lozano and the "courtesy" washes from Tesla service, I had the paint on both cars corrected. The finishes is amazing when it is free of swirlies and hair line scratches. At this point you could go wild and add a clear coat or paint protection film to protect your finish, but all this is for naught if you are not willing to hand wash using some of the wash methods referenced above.

I'll admit that on the east coast I only ever using washes like Lozano to get the salt off the car without having to get out of the car ;) Since moving to California, I find I like keeping my cars clean because they stay clean for so long. My disappointment since getting the S is that the only reliable way to keep the finish top notch is wash it yourself or pay high end detailing rates with great frequency...

amirm | 5 May, 2013

Kauai, thanks for very helpful answer.
Is model S paint different than other high end cars to warrant this special treatment? | 5 May, 2013

You might go down to Bubbles in Sunnyvale (about 5 miles south-west of Lozano, also on El Camino Real). It's all hand wash - no brushes or rag machines of any type - and no chain pull that might screw up the rims. It's a few bucks more, but I think it's worth it. I've used them twice now and had great results.

RedShift | 5 May, 2013

I have driven it myself on high suspension thru a touch less once.

They were mediocre. I have now washed it 5 times by hand, and always detail with Klasse sealant. Tiring, but rewarding. Personal wash is best.

Kauai | 6 May, 2013

@amirm I don't think the Tesla paint is special. Several have commented that it is perhaps a little soft. I don't think the paint is much different than other high end cars I have had. Those cars also accumulated swirlies. I find that I notice the swirlies more in brilliant CA sun, and so devote a bit more effort to paint care.