Any particular car seats you recommend?

Any particular car seats you recommend?

I plan on reserving a Model S shortly. I have a 2 year old, and another on the way. We currently have a very large Britax for the 2 year old. I can't imagine we'll keep it once we go to 2 car seats in the back. (2 year old on one side, infant in the middle, and my wife or myself often in the seat next to it, tending to infant.) We'll probably get a new car seat for the infant as well.

Anyone have any car seats they use on the model S and particularly like? I'm thinking mainly in terms of the footprint, size, etc, although if you like it for other reasons chime in.


kjo | 1 April, 2013

We have 3 kids. I recommend the Radian brand to replace the Britax! I think it's called Diono now; it's quite narrow, one of the skinniest on the market that we found. I don't have my S just yet, but we fit 3 across in our BMW so I know it will work in the S! For the infant seat we used our Graco.

Darmok | 1 April, 2013

My wife is a certified car seat tech and wrote a review of the S focusing on car seats. Here's the link, car seat stuff starts about half way down:

Any questions, you can post in the comment section there.

Maestrokneer | 1 April, 2013

+1 Darmok. Thanks for the link

My wife and I just ordered the Diono Radian RXT (with "angle adjuster", which is a fancy way of saying piece of styrofoam) a couple of days ago, and it's supposed to arrive tomorrow. Will let you all know how it fits, and my experience with the install.

danej | 1 April, 2013

"and my wife or myself often in the seat next to it, tending to infant."

You'll have two kids. That infant will need to learn to fend for itself. There's no babying the second (or third) one.

Twin Dad

andykeller | 2 April, 2013

We have a big britax for our 18 month old and it works but is tricky to get in and out of the back doors. We've already had 7 in our car and the 2 in the back with the car seat didn't complain about space. When he was an infant, we used a cybex that I really liked. It's very compact and easy to carry. Not many stores carry them, but the one that did really liked them and we're looking forward to using it again someday.

We liked it so much that we also got their stroller. We don't live in a city so we mostly just use it for walks in the park, the airport, and in restaurants when he's sleeping.

If you get both of those, there are two ways to attach them: plastic arms and straps. Go for the straps.

Lou in SoCal | 2 April, 2013

+1 on the Diono. Have that and a Graco infant seat together and have room for my wife to sit in the back.

mamasbaby | 8 April, 2013

Hi, I'd like to recommend the new Chicco Nextfit. Its from newborn 5 pounds to 65 pounds both RF and FF. What is really nice about this car seat is that it has 9 reclining positions so it will fit into any car as well as 6 head positions. It has new technology allowing it to be easily and safely installed. Check this article and video out for all the info you will need

If you don't want to wait till the end of the month to get the Chicco then I'd go with the Britax Marathon - check it out here

Brian H | 8 April, 2013

Gives the same step-change sense as the Model S.

Brian H | 8 April, 2013

$280 Amazon. Such a deal! <:)

stimeygee | 8 April, 2013

Mamas baby- do you have any first hand experience using the Chicconin the Tesla? Thanks.

bt77057 | 1 May, 2013

Booster seat

I recently bought Britax Parkway booster for my 5 yr old, just got the tesla on Monday. The seat belt buckle in the back seat ends up being oriented behind the seat of the booster...major major pain to buckle and unbuckle. I will need to find a slimmer booster

Car seat

Using the regular Britax car seat for my 2 year old and it seems fine. It's quite tall however, but my 2 year old is fine for another year or two.

Anthony H | 1 May, 2013

Are you getting the rear-facing child seats? They should come in really handy in about 2-4 years.
I do wish I had ordered them, just because the way they deploy and retract is so cool. There are videos on YouTube.

earlyretirement | 17 July, 2013

Thanks so much for taking the time to post this really informative information on car seats for those of us with young kids.

I did order the rear facing child seats as I'm sure they will fight to sit back there. I was worried there is no venting back there but we plan to get the best tint that blocks out heat so we'll see how that goes.

For any of you that use car seats for kids, did you find any of the bottom has torn the leather seats at all? I noticed a few posts that said that their seats were easily scratched. Did you find this to be the case with yours?

Did you put any towel or anything below the car seat at all?

Thanks again for the great and helpful information.

cfOH | 17 July, 2013

I put a layer of some foam padding under our kids' seats to keep the leather car seats from getting damaged or permanently indented. I don't know exactly what it is -- I just wandered around Home Depot until I found something that would work. It's about an 1" thick, dense rubbery foam pad that I cut to the size I needed with shears. A towel would work, but I wanted something that would compress and absorb the pokey parts of the kid seats more than a towel would.

We opted to NOT get the rear kid seats because we looked at the bodyless MS shell in the showroom and determined that the kids' legs would be in the rear crumple zone. The sales rep we were dealing with didn't say anything about reinforcements added to the frame when kid seats are optioned in. I'm not sure it would've made a difference, but I think it would've made us at least consider it. I imagine the real challenge of kids sitting in the back-back would be reaching them while driving should there be a dispute or they need something.

Lyll | 17 July, 2013

When our kids were 3 yo and newborn, we used a britax for the oldest and graco rear-facing for the baby, side by side in our previous car (MBenz), so would imagine that would work in the S. They are now older and sit on the sides, so the middle seat is not too useful. We picked up Brica seat protectors at Toys R Us for those of you interested. They do a fine job of protecting the leather, and have a bit of a lip to catch things in case the kids spill food or drink, or worse, puke. Also have Brica seat-back protectors for those kick-y, muddy little feet.

earlyretirement | 18 July, 2013

@ cfOH - Thanks! I'll try this. Sounds like a great option vs. small towel for exactly the reasons you mentioned. I'm not sure how much our kids will use the back seats but in the showroom we let them sit back there and they loved it. The manager there at the store did say that it was the safest area in the car and they reinforced it which gave me comfort.

I imagine any parent's worst nightmare is getting rear ended. So that gave me comfort.

But like you said, the biggest inconvenience is just the ability to see them and reach for them if they need something while driving. Although them having their own ipads in the car eliminates a lot of complaining. LOL.

We also live very close to their school so I imagine in the mornings they will love sitting back there for the short ride to school.

Thanks for your great idea on that padding. I'll head to Home Depot to look for it.


Brian H | 18 July, 2013

re: jump seat discipline. A riding crop should reach.

earlyretirement | 29 August, 2013


Did you have to buy a HUGE roll of this foam padding? How did it come? I went to Home Depot today for the car seats but I didn't see anything except these HUGE package of foam. Did you have to buy a big bag and cut it down or did you find a smaller package?