Any reason I shouldn't drive my S with the hatch up?

Any reason I shouldn't drive my S with the hatch up?

Just curious...thinking of driving my S in a parade...any reason why it would be unsafe to do so. Top speed I would probably hit is 8 mph.

Noah.S | 9 March, 2013

I've never seen a Model S in person, but it seems so smart part of me wonders if it would let you.

July10Models | 9 March, 2013

The car works fine with the hatch open except for that annoying indicator/warning light. You should drive with the frunk lid up with a couple of kids in there.

GeekEV | 9 March, 2013

I've done it in my Prius and other hatchbacks when hauling a load. My only real concern is the hatch bouncing and hitting the stuff you're hauling or being pushed down by wind resistance. Neither of which seem like a problem at 8 mph. You certainly won't have to worry about exhaust fumes. ...except for the car in front of you.

jat | 9 March, 2013

If you do this make sure you have the windows open so you don't suck up the exhaust through the open hatch.... oh, wait, nevermind :).

It should be fine.

olanmills | 10 March, 2013

I can only think of two potential issues, but they probably won't be a concern in a parade with a slow speed on smooth pavement.

The hatch components are probably not meant to take the usual jolts and such of driving when the hatch is open, and also, it's possible the car may not be as safe and may not perform as intended if it was rear-ended since designed to be driven with the hatch closed. However, that's just my own speculation.

Brian H | 10 March, 2013

;) Rear-ended by a speeding 9 mph car?

Pungoteague_Dave | 10 March, 2013

I drove 160 miles with the hatch up for a chair transport requirement last week. It had no noticeable affect on range, and was safer that an ICE car, which can experience exhaust encroachment into the cabin.