Anybody test drive AFTER they placed an order?

Anybody test drive AFTER they placed an order?

I think I'm going crazy. My wife and kids test drove the Model S with me about two months ago. I went back a month ago and tested again and we decided to purchase.

I placed an order on 8/3. Car here on 9/19.

Well I haven't been in a Model S in a month and by the time my delivery occurs it will be two months. I'm seriously considering going back for a third test drive. There's nothing I really want to check out, listen to, ask about, etc. This is purely because it's a really fun car and the test drives have faded from my mind.

The showroom is 10 miles from my house so that's not an obstacle. It's a very crowded showroom though and I'm feeling a little guilty taking a third test drive especially after I've already placed an order.

Maybe I should just take up black tar heroin in the interim. It's quite a bit less addictive.

AlMc | 18 August, 2013

Just bring a friend (potential buyer) along with you. No problem! :)

S4WRXTTCS | 18 August, 2013

But, you haven't really test driven it.

Do you know how fast the parking sensors operate. How fast can you drive into wall, and then have the parking sensors save you from disaster?

Or what do the new wheels options look like?

Did you test drive a 60KW? They weren't really letting us test drive that a few months ago, but now they have them to test drive (at least locally where I live).

Plus there is the 5.0 Rev of the software. Can you really say you've test driven it without having Rev 5.0? The steering wheel button can now change the radio station preset. It's obviously not a complete test drive without testing that.

Did you test out the regular suspension? A few months ago it was impossible to test drive it, but now it seems like its easy to test drive them.

Crowded showroom? Do you know how much money they made off you?

Yes, sometimes it does feel guilty. I test drove a Jaguar F-type for a little over an hour just cause I wanted to try it out on my favorite hill (I did previously buy a Range Rover from them, and I was seriously considering the F-type).

nickjhowe | 18 August, 2013

Placed the order in November 2010. First drove the car in June 2012.

Test drive BEFORE placing an order? Crazy!!! :0)

TommyBoy | 18 August, 2013

Hah hah! Excellent responses!

I guess I'll have to do one more test drive because I really want to see how those radio station presets work with the steering wheel controls!

jbunn | 18 August, 2013

I rode in the car at the Factory Opening event in Fremont. These were Betas. At the Get Amped tour, they could only take one driver per reservation. I really needed my wife on board for a purchase this large, so she was the driver. I was in the backseat again.

I was offered a test drive in San Jose in fall of 2012. I had already finalized my order and was waiting for delivery. Told the guy that it would be just a joy ride at this point. I told him I would rather have potential customers drive. I was already committed.

The first time I was ever behind the wheel was on delivery day when I drove her home (Feb 2013).

I would suggest that test drives are not joyrides. Let's hope Tesla is successful for our own good. | 18 August, 2013

Yes. Reservation placed July 2011 (at that time there were about 4,900 people ahead of me in line)- I think nickjhowe was somewhere in the front :o)

thranx | 18 August, 2013

@nickj; sat in the car in June. Ordered it in late July. Delivery early September.
Test drive?

jeffsstuff | 18 August, 2013

I took a test drive yesterday. Still, I'm tempted to go back again. Due to hand problems (from a form of arthritis combined with years of too much computer use) If the steering is too heavy, it exacerbates my hand problems. Currently, I'm driving an es350. I really can't find any sort of metric or statistic to show me how heavy the steering is in comparison to my present car. I don't want to be a pain about driving the car again and again but I really need to know that it's not going to make things worse.

To make matters worse, my wife drove us to the test drive, so I didn't get to drive right before or after to have a good standard of comparison. She thinks that in "comfort" mode, it's at least as light as my Lexus.

mitrabbit | 18 August, 2013

I ordered my MS a day after seeing a Tesla Technical presentation at the Menlo Park show room in March 2012. I thought waiting 24 hours allowed me to calm down after being amazed at the engineering I had seen.
It was months before I got to drive a MS at a get amped event in Palo Alto. The car was way better than what I had imagined!
I spent several after noons at the Santana Row showroom, asking questions and smiling a lot.

Then in December 2012 I got an invitation to take delivery in either 2012 or 2013. From both an excitement and a tax motivation, I took delivery December 30 2012, VIN 2859 and have been smiling ever since. Introduced the MS to a few friends and a few now smile with me, enjoying their own MS.

And I am sure many people bought well before they got to drive this amazing car.

I need Gen III for my wife. Shes smiling too!

nickjhowe | 18 August, 2013

@jeffsstuff - make sure when you test drive that the steering is on its lightest setting. It is pretty light for me (and my preferred setting - makes the car feel light but is still direct), but obviously I'm not in your situation.

jchangyy | 18 August, 2013

ordered 10/12.

test drove early Feb/13

received car: 2/27/13

shawns | 18 August, 2013

I've never driven one! Have only seen two in person. Mine is being delivered this week. Sure hope I like it ;)

Spirous | 18 August, 2013

I've ordered mine (delivery Dec in Norway), but have never tested the car... Now I'm torn. There is nothing I can do to get the car faster and I'm worried the waiting time only will get harder if I test drive it now.

In perspective: I sure have a pretty sweet life when a "problem" like this is what eats me. Need to remind myself of that now and again, and then I smile and relax. :)

RZitrin1 | 18 August, 2013

Ordered car in 2009. SAT in it for a "test ride" in early 2012, test drove in June 2012, got car in October 2012. I was completely convinced after my "test sit" and upgraded to a Signature.

WaitWhat | 18 August, 2013

Glad I'm not the only crazy one:
Sat in one at the mall in July.
Soonest I could get a test drive was August 30. Couldn't wait, so I ordered one in early August for delivery in late September.
Based on all the great comments here and on TMC Forum, I can't imagine being disappointed.

Dave-LasVegas | 18 August, 2013

Here's crazy for ya:
Made $5k deposit in March 2010. Figured 75%+ chance that this company that I'd never heard of wouldn't survive to make Car #1. A worst-case $5k loss would sting, but not crush me like a $40k loss would for a Sig.
Saw a static display, but didn't talk to anybody, at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2011 and 2012.
Never got invited to the big rush of 10000 (?) test drives (what was that called again?) in 2012; Tesla mail servers didn't like my email address that ends with ".pro" and wouldn't talk to me. I didn't watch the website often. Frankly, I'd almost forgotten my deposit was in.
Finalized anyway September 2012, figuring "wow, they might actually come through!"
Sat in one at Santata Row in November 2012. I just walked in because I happened to be visiting relatives nearby; they offered me a test drive, but I said it didn't make any difference at that point, and I didn't have all day to blow with my relatives standing there. They also oohed and aahed over my low reservation number, which sure seemed huge when I got it (#1736, if I remember correctly).
Delivered to my driveway December 2012. Had delivery guy put it in the garage because I was scared to touch it. (It was cocooned in Tyvek and it was pitch dark outside.)
Gingerly took myself for a test drive around the neighborhood the next afternoon.
A test drive would have been nice. I got lucky, 'cause it's a superb car.

wcalvin | 18 August, 2013

October 2012: Saw MS in showroom, bought stock (but not enough. Promptly put down the $5k deposit. Bought more stock.

Production date was mid-April but had to postpone to get my wife on board. A week's delay for scheduling a test drive. Delivery June 26. (She still hasn't driven it, declines all offers to show her how.)

mikefa | 19 August, 2013

i've never test drove the Model S until it was delivered.

qblack1 | 19 August, 2013

I ordered in early July after a test drive, and delivery is planned for 8/7 at this point (painful decision to delay as I will be out of town the week prior). I was in New York last week and went to the T store and asked more questions, sat in the car, and played with everything. Pretty much lingered there until I ran out of curiosities. The showroom car was my exact selection except for exterior color. My impression walking away was even better than I imagined when ordering! I was a bit hesitant for fear of being let down in some way, but actually came away even MORE excited about delivery day. I reiterate another forum dweller's sentiment that "TMS is like having an iPhone wrapped around your entire body".

AmpedRealtor | 19 August, 2013

My order was confirmed on 6/28, car expected to arrive on 8/21, did not drive a Model S until 8/17! :) I bought on blind faith and then drove a Model S when a kind owner offered to let me drive one this past Saturday while he was charging in my garage.

My Delivery Specialist is going to hate me now because I'm going to bug her every day until the car is in my garage! :)

ramtaz | 19 August, 2013

Placed reservation June 2010, test drive on Delivery Date May 29,2013.
So much for kicking tires before making the purchase.

nhurst | 19 August, 2013

Mine was delivered 12/12/12, the first one I had ever seen. No regrets.

GLO | 19 August, 2013

We test drove two years after securing a reservation...well worth it!

bobinfla | 19 August, 2013

Wife got the test drive 6 months after we ordered, but only one per customer back in those days, so first and only Model S I've ever driven is ours after it was delivered.

DarrellH | 15 September, 2013

Drive it first? No way! We ordered our S over a month before it was revealed. And it was several years before we could drive it. However, we were it would be great but not as great as it turned out.

Dreamknightmanga | 15 September, 2013

I wanted this car even though my husband knew very little about it. I was planning to go to Chicago while he was there on business to test drive the car but couldn't go last minute thanks to getting sick. So I did what any sane person does and said screw it and just ordered the car blind. About 3 weeks later they started offering test drives where I lived and I had no issues setting up test drive. Had our test drive and it made us decided we need two because we will fight over who gets this car. See you later ICEs!

Captain_Zap | 15 September, 2013

I put in my reservation before I saw the Model S in person.
The tech looked sound and I saw the potential. I went to see a beta car a few weeks later. I didn't test drive one until 6 months later.

When I did test drive I was quite skeptical. I wasn't yet convinced that Tesla could pull it off. I hadn't found a car that I liked the feel of for years.

I went away with my expectations blown away and a huge Tesla grin. It was all about the torque and sporty accelerator response for me. The spaciousness of the car was a bonus since I only had high-end sports cars previously. Oh yeah, the thought of never having to fill a 22 gallon tank with premium fuel at a service station in the blowing rain again sure was nice bonus too.

jat | 15 September, 2013

I placed my reservation in April 2012. I was able to arrange business travel during the GetAmped tour and got a test drive in July of last year. I was prepared to buy it never having driven it though.

Bonlaw | 15 September, 2013

Minute 1 - Saw S in showroom
Minute 2 - Sat in the driver's seat
Minute 3 - Purchased the car

5 weeks later...

Minute 1-60 Intro to car at service center.

Minute 61 - drove an S for the first time

129,600 minutes of pure happiness to date.

Brian H | 16 September, 2013

At a mile a minute, that's a lot of miles! ;D

jackhub | 16 September, 2013

I had a test drive two years after I placed my order.

Bonlaw | 16 September, 2013

@brianH. - I am happy even when not driving!

Andrew_OH_S60andS70D | 16 September, 2013

I placed my order in August, 2012 and received delivery in March, 2013. I never actually saw a Model S before I received delivery. I tell people I bought the car just like buying something on Amazon.

Also, my car was dropped off by a truck driver as we had no service center nearby, so I did not even get an orientation.

Having had the car six months, I didn't miss a thing, and the Model S exceeds every expectation.

darthbeldar | 16 September, 2013

I test drove a P85 a week after placing my order, knowing that if I had test drove it sooner, I would have ordered it on the spot. Received my P85 end of August, smiling ever since...

APU | 16 September, 2013

Ordered Oct 2011
Test Drove 7/2012
Delivered 2/13

I have never looked back. Tesla time baby!!!

Brian H | 17 September, 2013

But much more expensive.