Article on Supercharger Highway

Article on Supercharger Highway Actually a touching article. Many thanks to the Tesla owners who brought cookies, coffee, and a sense of our excitement to the workers on the projects. It seems you made quite an impression. I will plan to be there when the superchargers near my section of the transcontinental network are completed.

ks-man | 24 September, 2013

Any idea where they got that planned route map? I'd like to see it bigger.

Zero EV | 24 September, 2013

It's a little bigger if you open the source image:

Alex K | 25 September, 2013

I don't know how they came up with that map, but it doesn't match the Winter 2013 map on the Tesla Supercharger page. The above map has superchargers in Arizona across I-40 and 2 supercharges in New Mexico. The Utah superchargers appear to be in the eastern part of the state. I think I had seen the above map on a forum and it seemed that someone had come up with it on their own.

edcalis | 25 September, 2013

For a construction industry guy, the Tesla Model S isn't the right set of wheels, but Melnick said: "We're always asking about the truck. I need the Tesla pickup truck."

I like that. :))

Brian H | 26 September, 2013

Ya, that's correct. Though a MX with the seats down would likely carry a s-load of gear.

Benz | 26 September, 2013

It appears that there will be 20 Supercharger stations which they will visit, and they will be charging about 50 kWh (on average) in less than 30 minutes (on average) per Supercharger station.

redacted | 26 September, 2013

What's the source of the image (before the article had it)? It's superchargers for the Chicago - Cleveland route are completely different (and better placed) than those on Tesla's "coming soon" map.

Benz | 27 September, 2013

Nothing is final until construction has started.

fusiondave | 27 September, 2013

Tesla's gen 4 EV should be a pickup truck!