Battery swap problems

Battery swap problems

The Model S battery swap seems like a great idea. The problem I see is

1. Is it possible to get a battery that just got dropped off
2. How do they plan to charge the dead battery for reuse
3 In 10 years once the original battery start to die how will they replace them all or will there be a chance of installing a dead battery in the car.

on the plus side there now is no reason to believe that this car can't last you 15 years if you receive new battery after every battery swap.

Captain_Zap | 31 August, 2013

Search for lenghty discussions on the topic here.

Pungoteague_Dave | 31 August, 2013

Battery swap is a fantasy and never will be implemented. Read other posts on the topic.

TS | 31 August, 2013

Did Elon ever lie to you?

Its just a matter of demand vs cost.

One test site must be up and running during next year...

My answers is based on what Elon said during the event:

1.No, you will of course get a fully charged battery .You pay a fee for this. Like filling up a tank.

2.The batteries has built-in intelligence, the batteryswap system will read the condition

3. At any time, you will have the possibilty to upgrade your batteripack at the swapping station and pay the difference. As owner of a dead battery, it will cost you the same as buying a new one.

Remember, batteryswap will be an "emergency" way to charge. If you dont have the time to wait for SuperCharging (or another charging solution failed some how) .

dlake | 31 August, 2013

If battery swapping takes only a few minutes, why can't it be routine?

Envision a gas station converted to a battery charging station. They have a few garage bays with stacks of charged batteries. You pull up and insert your credit card. Then a big robotic arm takes your battery out and another robotic arm inserts a fully charged battery. I'm sure it's very very much more complicated than this (electrical connections, liquid cooling lines, etc.), but with the proper engineering, it could work.

Since my wife's G37 takes about $60 worth of premium gas per tank, I could see this set up working: $50-60 for a re-charged battery?

nickjhowe | 31 August, 2013

And somehow cleans off all the cr*p that is stuck to all the bolt heads, or the snow and ice, and can't get proper purchase on one of the bolts because something is stuck fast to the head...

Pungoteague_Dave | 1 September, 2013

+! nickjhowe

...and bleeds the battery coolant system (7,600 units ethylene glycol just added during the 3-hour+ replacement of my main battery), scrapes and replaces the mastic/sealant/glue between the battery and the car, replaces the main battery bolts as they cannot be re-torqued more than once, checks and rechecks the torque settings as the battery is a stressed member of the body structure, deals with the fore and aft plastic panels that attach under and TO the battery, etc.... We will never see commercial application of the battery swap system, which is conceptually silly anyway after the nationwide supercharging rollout. One and only one will be built for marketing and legal (tax) purposes, after which it will be deemed unfeasible for wider application (as Elon has already intimated in his very carefully worded statement on the topic.)

Brian H | 2 September, 2013


SamO | 2 September, 2013

+1 Brian H

PD is still butt-hurt that he was totally and completely wrong about swap.

It's coming. Believe it.