Best Interior For Grey Exterior

Best Interior For Grey Exterior

Hello there

First off, I apologize if this has been posted before. I can't seem to find a search button for these forums.

I am planning on getting a Model S for my father and I know he likes grey cars. What I do not know is what a good interior that would go with it. I unfortunately will most likely not be able to see any cars in person before placing my order, so I was hoping somebody that has can give me some of their thoughts.

Based on the design studio it looks as though black would look best to me, though how does tan look in person? Is it really that orange? Also, how does the matte obeche compare to the glossy?

I really appreciate any feedback.

olanmills | 27 August, 2012

No, the tan does not really look that orange. It's the option I'm going with. I think the small square on the options page ( is more accurate than the images in the design studio.

Is there no Tesla store near you? They do have interior samples that you can see and touch in the stores.

Personally, I like the white the best, but it's only for Signature models.