Better forums?

Better forums?

As it seems like no Tesla staff replies here and replies in general are very limited, where is a good place to get some proper and good answers? I love everything I've seen so far about the P85, but lack proper online answers. That is annoying.

Somewhere with a good search and reply option would be a plus. Tesla investing a little in replying to online customers would be a plus as online selling is their thing...

I want this car, but I hate poor customer relations....

cloroxbb | 25 July, 2013

You can use the teslamotorsclub forums, but Tesla doesn't reply in those forums either.

jonesxander | 25 July, 2013

The forum isn't the place to garner a response. I think GB replied directly on here about a year ago. I'm 99% sure SOMEONE is reading the posts, but this is for us enthusiasts.

Your best bet is to call Tesla directly with any concerns/questions. Although remember that you have a fan cult here ready to answer every question you'd like. Also you can check out, it's pretty active over there.

What is your question btw?

For search go to

One thing I will say, is that these forums need a major upgrade. Can't upvote anything, only flag. There should be sticky FAQ threads that are locked such as, "Where can I search the forum?", etc.

That's a rally I can get behind, UPGRADE YOUR DERNED FORUMS! :)