Bluetooth Problems?

Bluetooth Problems?

Is anyone having trouble with their Bluetooth? I have an iPhone. Just downloaded the latest operating system updates. Even downloaded the remote Tesla App. Oddly, my phone works just fine in my 2012 BMW X5...bluetooth is great. But I can't get my MS to recognize the phone?! The same problem was occurring when I picked up the car, but we quickly surmised that my phone had an old operating system, and was probably just in need of an update. Even at that point, I interjected that the phone worked fine for my X5, so it seemed strange that the MS was having a problem. So now I've upgraded, and am still having connectivity issues. I've tried to reboot, turn on/off, etc. Can anyone provide any insight?
Incidentally, still, by far, the greatest car I've ever driven!!!!!!

Schlermie | 12 February, 2013

I haven't had any problems. By the time my butt is in the seat, it's usually connected already and stays connected throughout the drive. It works fine for sending/receiving phone calls and steaming audio.

stevedar | 12 February, 2013

Same here. Seems to work fine.

mcallaghan | 12 February, 2013

Do u guys have iPhones? Do you know which version?

GeekEV | 12 February, 2013

@mcallaghan - This may be a dumb question, but you have paired your phone with the car - haven't you? I know that I've had that problem where I got so used to it "just working" that when I got my last new car I found myself wondering why it wasn't connecting... Doh! Or is pairing it where you're having trouble? Please list specific steps you're taking and exactly where it's failing.

jat | 12 February, 2013

No problems here - both my Samsung GS3 and my wife's Galaxy Nexus paired up no problem, and it automatically connects whenever I get into the car (I have to manually switch phones if my wife wants hers connected, like listening to an audiobook).

Hills | 12 February, 2013

If you search the forum, there are several threads regarding bluetooth, pairing phones, clamshell phones. You may have to go back a few weeks. There are some detailed advise from people, including making sure your phone is in discover mode which I am sure it is.

According to the local service manager, bluetooth/phone pairing is the #1 problem he encounters.

I have both iPhone 5 and clamshell, and have had intermittent problem with iPhone (works 80% of time) and serious problem with clamshell (worked for the first time after 100 attempts). Keep pressing Tesla to help you. The service manager actually wonders if it is the car that has the problem, but we are still sorting through the problem.

petero | 12 February, 2013

I had no problem with my new iPhone, until I downloaded the newest iPhone update - then nothing. I depressed the two scrolling wheels on the steering wheel to reboot the screen. After that, all is well.

Good luck.

Hills | 16 February, 2013

Received Model S in early December, great car. Phone continues to be my biggest problem. ATT iPhone 5 self connects 80% of the time but audio quality often scratchy but I just assumed it is ATT quality. Until the Tesla I never used my ATT iPhone for voice.

My Samsung clamshell Verizon would not connect even with help from numerous people including 2 visits to service center. I actually tried more than 100 times to pair the phone and it would not pair.

Last Saturday, the Samsung Verizon finally paired at the service center and no one understands why it failed the first 100 times. In the past week, the Samsung phone also only connects 80% of the time. Audio quality also often scratchy. Now this is a phone I've used for 3 years and have no audio or connection problems with 2 other cars.

Service center is appealing to Tesla Engineering to determine if anything is wrong with antenna or bluetooth.

I post this as I have seen many others on the forum complain about pairing and audio quality. Service manager again said phone/bluetooth is the #1 problem he sees.

bbmertz | 16 February, 2013

I've had no problems with the pairing or sound quality of my AT&T iPhone 5 in the MS. However, when listening to music over Bluetooth, the music frequently stops playing requiring me to reselect the phone and press play in the music menu. Based on reading other threads, this seems to be a somewhat common problem which will presumably be fixed in a future software update.

Alex K | 16 February, 2013

I have an iPhone 5 with Verizon. I've had no problems pairing the phone and it connects every time I get into the car. The only bluetooth problem I've had is occasional bad audio quality when the phone is in my pocket. Placing it in the cubby under the screen resolves this issue.

Thumper | 16 February, 2013

Try rebooting. Push n Hold both steering wheel rollers.

David Trushin | 16 February, 2013

Anyone know where the mike for the bluetooth is? I've had people say that sometimes it's hard to hear me and other times it's ok. I'd like to know which direction to point my mouth when talking.

Hills | 16 February, 2013

@bbmertz, I seldom play music as I am usually on the phone. Reading what you wrote, I went to the car to play song from my iPhone 5 iTunes library. I was in the car for 7 min and the song skipped/puased twice for about one second each time, like the old time record player being bumped.

TINO F | 16 February, 2013

Bluetooth fixes, and Charge Times appear in 4.3 update coming in March. Hold tight. It just keeps keeps getting better.

trydesky | 16 February, 2013

I have an iphone 4S ATT, 6.1 OS. All is good with me. I use it for phone calls, and a lot for audio, with almost no issues. One day the car would only recognize the phone portion. When I tried to pull it up under Media, it would be listed, but when I tapped on it, it disappeared. The next day it worked fine, and has been ever since. Who knows.

dbsteffy | 17 February, 2013

My car paired flawlessly with iPhone 4S and worked great for two weeks. Then it didn't work at all. When I hit the B icon at the top bar, I get a screen that says "Initializing, please wait." No amount of waiting seems to help :)

craig.tesla | 17 February, 2013

Given how many people with identical phones have opposite experience, my guess is that there is an antenna problem on the cars that don't work well. Does anyone know where the bluetooth module is? Where the antenna connector to the board is? And where the antenna runs? It'd be nice to have someone verify on a "bad" car that those are all indeed well-connected and look intact.

Brian H | 17 February, 2013

Reboot Will Fix It (?)
Did you try touchscreen reboot?

Hills | 17 February, 2013

I have attempted pairing my Samsung Clamshell more than 100 times. The car was rebooted at least 15 times over the past 1.5 months. The car was hard booted at the service center with some fuse unplugged. So the answer is no, reboot does not do much.

Will have more to report end of next week.

jat | 17 February, 2013

@Hills - older clamshell phones were notorius for not having good Bluetooth implementations. Of course, since the protocol left a lot of wiggle room and there wasn't any sort of validation suite that I know of, it isn't particularly surprising.

Hills | 17 February, 2013

I no longer believe my clamshell is the problem.
(1), the Samsung Convoy connects to two other cars every time, and one of them is a 2012 Prius.
(2), It connected to two other Model S on attempt #1. While it connected to my own Model S on attempt 100 (roughly), but only for a few times. It then would not connect again until....
(3), Starting last Saturday, Samsung convoy connected to my own Model S, except only 80% of the time for the past 8 days.
(4), My Samsung Convey is Verizon, my iPhone 5 is ATT, they now both connects 80% of the time, not all the time.
(5), Both Samsung and iPhone 5 have audio quality issues 30-50% of the time. In the case of the Samsung, I had audio quality problems using Model S, disconnected from Model S and made the phone call w/o Model S at the same location, and the audio quality problem disappeared.
(6), this Samsung is almost 3 years old, not particularly old. Ohters on the forum have told me of much older Clamshells NOT having problems with the Model S.

rwang | 18 February, 2013

I am experiencing the same issues. All 3 iPhones with the latest 6.1 software do not match with the 4.2 Tesla OS. I've reset and still can't get the pairing to work.

Hills | 23 February, 2013

Update: My car came back from service center Yesterday afternoon. Tesla engineers spent time on the car and replaced the bluetooth antenna is what I am told.

So far, no problem pairing both clamshell and iPhone 5, and audio quality appears better.

Tom | 1 March, 2013

I had no problems connecting Bluetooth on my iPhone 4, but it keeps on disconnecting during the call - it grabs it when i am walking up to the car, but once on a call it randomly disconnects... anyone having that problem?

DouglasR | 1 March, 2013

@David Trushin

The microphone for voice commands, phone, Bluetooth, etc. is above the windshield in the center.

tashbrook | 5 March, 2013 - Had my Model S for about three weeks. first was a known issue with the software and the iPhone would not synch. They fixed the problem by the time I got home which was way cool. Did an update over the wire and took me from …36 release to …45. Problem I have now is intermittent dropping of Bluetooth and now the inability to reconnect unless I turn the car off and walk away. Very frustrating. I have a 70 mile commute (one way) and when it happens 10 minutes into an audio book via Audible…not good. I hope they have this updated soon or I will have them look at it next time I am at the service center.

tbarton | 8 May, 2013

NOTE: If you update your iPhone iOs, you will lose your pairing ability to your Tesla MS until you "reboot your computer". Hold down both scroll wheels on the steering wheel to reboot the main screen. Bluetooth should pair normally afterward.

d1 | 15 May, 2013

I have a Samsung Note 2 and have not been able to get it connected such that I can "hear" through it. What I mean is that it "paired up" and I got the phone info on my screen, but when I get a call, all I hear through my car is static. I have to put my phone on "speaker" to hear through it and any communication through the car is not possible. My son tried his I Phone, and it worked immediately, so there is something in the Android system that is not compatible with the Tesla Bluetooth system.
Any ideas? I have erased and retried it a couple of times and that did not work, neither did a reboot
of the car.

Keith72 | 15 May, 2013

I had issues trying to initially pair my iPhone with the car, and finally called Tesla while sitting in the car. We rebooted everything (including the phone) a couple of times to no avail. Then we simultaneously rebooted the car and phone and got them to work. I occasionally find that I don't have a connection when getting into the car and have found (through trial and error) that if I reboot my iPhone, it connects back up.

fibrillation | 13 June, 2013

It took a few attempts to pair and once it did pair, it worked. However a month later it failed and would not pair again.

I know it is not iphone problem because

1. My iPhone 5 still pairs with any other Bluetooth devices
2. My iPhone sees Tesla but Tesla cannot see the phone during pairing attempts
3. Tesla cannot see any other iPhones That I tried to pair.
4. Rebooting the car does not help.
5. It seems like a Software glitch on the Tesla. When it searches for device, it searches on and on and on and does not stop or give error messages.


Brian H | 13 June, 2013

Did you initiate the sequence from the touchscreen or phone? Only the t-screen-first works, according to some.

jsergeant | 13 June, 2013

I'm not a big fan of having Bluetooth be the only way to connect my iPhone to the Model S audio system. I like to listen to audiobooks while driving. Most days, for the first half mile or so of driving after leaving my house I have to put up with sputterring audio, stopping and starting and at least once I have had the audio skip to a totally different place in the book. I really wish they would implement the USB interface and get rid of all these hassles.

About once every week or two the Model S no longer sees the iPhone, so I have to go through pairing them again. Usually this works. Yesterday and today I could not get the iPhone and Model S to communicate and ended up having to listen to Radio via TuneIn. The odd thing was that the Model S recognised the iPhone as connected, but would only enable the phone functions. The media option was greyed out.

I tried rebooting the Model S console, and that didn't help. Eventually I rebooted my iPhone and that seemed to solve the problem.

So my suggestion is to first try rebooting the iPhone.

cloroxbb | 14 June, 2013

Another potential "fix" to try... Erase the connection in both the Tesla and iPhone then do the initial process from scratch, may help may not but worth a shot.

dmarcus2 | 18 June, 2013

My iPhone 5 paired just fine, as did iPhones from my wife and kids. AT&T just updated the phone for new carrier signals/ codes, and now my iPhone won't connect through the car. I tried to delete the old pairing from the car, and that won't delete (spinning circle of death for over 10 minutes). No idea if the new carrier codes were cause and effect, or if we paired too many iPhones. Anyway to restart/ reboot this system? Any advice? Do I call Tesla and reboot the car and phone simultaneously, as did Keith72?

dmarcus2 | 19 June, 2013

Solved my problem by calling Tesla. Turns out you can reboot the car by holding down both buttons on the steering wheel for five seconds. I don't remember seeing that in the owners manual! After the reboot, Bluetooth worked great. Sometimes I feel like I'm driving an iPad!

Beaker | 19 June, 2013

I found I had to turn off bluetooth on my iPhone every few days to get it to connect to both of my cars. Not a problem with other iPhones.

Brian H | 19 June, 2013

Reboot Will Fix It has been a standard remedy for a long time here. But new readers haven't heard of it, of course. You're right; there should be a blurb in the manual suggesting RWFI as the first remedy for just about everything!

SeanM | 25 June, 2013

When I got the car in May, my Droid paired immediately with the car and was fine until early June. Then stopped connecting, and it wouldn't pair. I tested the phone and it would pair with other bluetooth devices. I didn't know about the reboot option (hold both scroll buttons down) until I read about it in the forum and tried it. The reboot worked -- my phone is now paired. Not sure if this was due to a Tesla software download, but now that I know about the reboot option...

nigelb | 26 June, 2013

I just bought a model S and am having the same issue with my S4 had issues on pick up but we were able to get it paired now it is not working again? My bluetooth icon on the screen of the car pulses and when I touch it it opens and says initializing but never stops? any hints? Do i Reboot?

Brian H | 27 June, 2013

Yes, and initiate from the touchscreen side (let it find the phone).

William21 | 28 October, 2013

I have done many of the things mentioned in this string - rebooting Tesla and the iPhone - and had no success. The phone still operates through the Tesla computer, speakers and microphone, but the media option is unavailable. Will there be an upgrade to the Tesla software, or is there an ongoing incompatibility with iPhone iOS?

Alex K | 28 October, 2013

@William21 | OCTOBER 28, 2013: The phone still operates through the Tesla computer, speakers and microphone, but the media option is unavailable. Will there be an upgrade to the Tesla software, or is there an ongoing incompatibility with iPhone iOS?

iPod functionality does not work on the iPhone with Tesla (audio through USB), but Bluetooth works just fine. If your phone functions work through bluetooth, then the audio music functions should work also. You can select the music source from the media menu - just select your iPhone. Then on your iPhone bring up the Music app and play something.

Brian H | 28 October, 2013

Was the phone paired from the touchscreen? (Not from the iPhone).

mwillmsn | 14 December, 2013

I am also having trouble with my bluetooth. It constantly drops my iPhone 5S connection. I have rebooted each device. I have unpaired and repaired. I now spend every drive messing with my bluetooth connection.

RMAnnable | 20 March, 2014

On my 2014 Model S, cannot connect Samsung SGH-A847 clamshell with Bluetooth. When I go to connect the phone, it connects and then immediately the phone shuts off, reboots, connects, shuts down, etc.

Phone has linked with my Lexus and Jeep with no issues. Contacted Tesla Help Desk and they are not sure if it's the phone or car. They suggest that Bluetooth version 3 or version 4 might be too new for my phone. Still trying to figure it out. Any thoughts appreciated.

Brian H | 20 March, 2014

Initiate from the touchscreen, not the phone?

davidbobrow | 2 July, 2014

This is by far the worst Bluetooth system ii ever had in the car going back to my original one for technical company to design something this terrible I don't understand it The voice recognition in the phone is great why they do the same in car

j1kudela | 23 August, 2014

HI, I am anxiously awaiting my first Tesla due in September. I have a loaner Tesla from a friend who is out of town 6 weeks. Bluetooth quality sound is not good for people I'm talking to (my side is great). I took the car in last week as bluetooth completely broke. Tesla fixed it and changed microphone. Made my first call to a friend today and he asked "can u please avoid calling me from your Tesla". I drive a Dodge Truck and he Knew without me telling him, I was in the Tesla.

I have i5 and I see other owners having problems. Seems like this would b a priority to Tesla as this is really bad advertising for them. I have had several people ask me whats wrong with my phone. Have to wonder if they r thinking about the quality of the Tesla.

Im just keeping my fingers crossed they fixed the problem before my car arrives….

dan | 24 January, 2015

Both my wife's iPhone 6 will pair with MS, but the phone audio does not work. All other audio works fine, music, etc. I can't find any settings on my phone or the MS that seem responsive to this issue. The bluetooth worked perfectly in the past, but all of a sudden stopped allowing phone audio. I removed the Tesla from my phone and removed my phone from the car. I rebooted the car and paired my phone with the MS. Still no phone audio. Any advice?

jjcmd | 24 January, 2015

Reset network settings on your iPhone