Buying Parts

Buying Parts

I am wondering if tesla is or will be selling parts over the counter. I feel that there is a growing group of people who are into converting gas vehicles. Being that teslas drive train has got the best range. I was thinking that a source of income could be had by selling to the do-it yourselfers. If this has been posted somewhere I am sorry I could not find it.

Brian H | 26 September, 2010

Tesla has the stated aim of making its tech, especially the ESS stuff, available to the whole industry to accelerate electrification, but, that said, it's an entirely different thing to do conversions. There's a company or two around starting to specialize in that, though.

Vawlkus | 5 October, 2010

I doubt that Tesla will sell directly to the public, but they probably WILL license someone else to do so.

I mean, they already supply Diamala with engine & PEM for their electric smart cars, so it stands to reason they're willing to sell their stuff outside of their cars.

vperl | 16 July, 2016

At this point, little has changed, if one notices.

Parts are still a problem just for current Tesla vehicles. | 16 July, 2016

I've bought parts over-the-counter without a problem. I doubt they will sell you a battery pack or motor due to legal risks (i.e. you kill yourself touching the 400V battery or motor connections in some home-brew project). Also these parts are very heavy. The battery is over 1000 lbs and the motor assembly (on RWD cars) is about 300 lbs. Basic parts have not been a problem for me.

sp_tesla | 16 July, 2016

" | July 16, 2016
I've bought parts over-the-counter without a problem."

It that include rivets? | 17 July, 2016

No rivets - haven't needed them. As far as I know rivets are not used in production. Rivets appear to only be used for attaching replacement parts such as fenders that are crunched. I was really just answering the OP's question on buying parts over-the-counter. He didn't seem like he wanted rivets, but who knows?

For others not following all the forum threads, rivets are made in Japan and Tesla has had difficulty in getting enough of them for non-warranty repairs, causing long delays for some owner's repairs.

xakerkgb | 18 July, 2016

Do anybody who own Tesla had any repairs yet, and what was it,just wondering??

fgaliegue | 18 July, 2016 rivets made in... Japan? Uh. Please enlighten me here... My meager knowledge only tells me what a rivet is and how you use it, but is manufacturing it such a problem that Tesla outsources such a simple (AFAIK) component?

Note that I am not denying your claim in any way. I just want to understand why Tesla outsources this part... | 18 July, 2016

@xakerkgb I've had a few minor warranty repairs, but no body work. Never took more than a day. Others in the USA have had body work done (which is not performed by Tesla). Owners haves aid it can take 3-4+ weeks - similar to most German Luxury cars. A few cases have been even longer, but that seems rare.

@fgaliegue - I'm not aware of any automaker that makes their own rivets, screws, connectors, etc. They are all bought from specially fastener companies. I expect the aluminum requires special rivets during a repair so it doesn't' cause corrosion. I have no idea why they are hard to come by, but can only guess the worldwide demand by Tesla and others exceeded capacity of the companies that makes them. There are a lot more vehicles made out of aluminum than there were just 2 years ago. Something like the Ford F150 could have quickly consumed the world's rivet production for their own repair needs.

Note again, I don't think any rivets are used in production. They are only used in major body damage repair operations.