Changing your inverter

Changing your inverter

Lets say someone rear ends you or you some how damage your inverter.

Would you be able to get a new one?

Like how I can buy a short block and change the engine in my car, will I be able to buy the performance inverter by it self?

I'm sure people are already looking to modify right?

Amuse model s would be amazing.

Brian H | 21 January, 2013

Your warranty has probably already been voided for even talking about such a thing.

drp | 21 January, 2013

The perpetrator would be buying me a new S!!, says S&W!

Timo | 22 January, 2013

In order, yes, no and probably.

Yes, you get new one from Tesla service when they repair your car.
No, it is integral part of the liquid-cooled motor module and only Tesla knows how it works.
Probably yes, but changing one part from drivetrain requires changing pretty much everything else too.

Brian H | 22 January, 2013

In particular the PEM, which has to know everything about everything. It would screw up royally with a different inverter.

PaceyWhitter | 22 January, 2013

A rear ending with enough force to damage the inverter would crumple the whole bach end and total the car.

Sudre_ | 22 January, 2013

From what I understand about Tesla balancing, the supercharger, batteries and PEM: no for the average public. It sounds like each car has it's own soul and it take a Tesla surgeon to do what you are talking about. Maybe in 5 to 10 years once someone has reversed engineered it and the instructions and software hacks are on the internet.

blurry_eyed | 7 March, 2013

I have confirmation on one of the questions, the inverter is replaceable. My car is in service as we speak and they are replacing the inverter due to some funky issues when my car is under full acceleration (Pedal to the metal type acceleration on a Performance Model S.