charging model s 85p+

charging model s 85p+

Has anyone experienced the circuit breaker (new 50amp) getting warm? It's not hot, just warm like the power cord. I had a new 240v NEMA 14-50 installed in my garage per tesla specs by solarcity and noticed the circuit breaker in the sub-panel was getting warm. The breaker hasn't tripped yet, but I just wanted to make sure this wasn't a problem.

CC | 14 July, 2013

Yeah, it's normal for it to get warm.

lolachampcar | 15 July, 2013

your passing 80% of its rated current continuously so it will get warm to the touch. There is no issue provided it is not tripping.

Jewsh | 15 July, 2013

You may notice that the cabling on the Tesla adapter becomes warm as well. Warm AFAIK is OK -- hot not so much. :-)

mikefa | 15 July, 2013

How warm is warm? Do you know if they used the recommended 6-gauge wires instead of the 8-gauge wires?

JPPTM | 15 July, 2013

FWIW, be sure that your Model S is pulling only 40A (check the charging info on the touchscreen). It is really unlikely, but if it was pulling over 40A you are exceeding the safe limit on the circuit.

luke | 15 July, 2013

Thanks for the input ,