Charging Program

Charging Program

I can't find whether the charging function can be programed to start at specified time to take advantage of favorable charging rates. Assuming I won't be needing to do a full charge very often, can I tell the "S" to start charging at midnight?

Also, will the plug be locked into place when charging? Thinking of protecting the very expensive cable from theft while charging in a public place. I read on the Roadster forum that those plugs are not locked into place and need aftermarket devices for that protection.

jkirkebo | 4 August, 2012

You can tell it to start or stop charging at whatever time you want.

The plug will be locked into place, so no stealing of your expensive cable. But public charging will mostly be by J1772 I guess, so you need to use the J1772 adapter that comes with the car. The adapter will be locked into place, but the J1772 plug will not be locked into the adapter (unless it is of the type that you can secure by padlock).

Volker.Berlin | 6 August, 2012

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