Clear Bra Paint Protection (Paint Armor)

Clear Bra Paint Protection (Paint Armor)

Hello Tesla Owners,

Recently, we have worked on quite a few Teslas. Small projects such as a ceramic tint all the way to a vinyl wrap that's on a larger scale. This past week we clear bra'd, tinted, and 'vinyl wrapped all the chrome accents' on a white Tesla. The end result was spectacular. Our client now has a unique Tesla on the streets of Los Angeles.

Unique Auto Films | 23 May, 2013

Full Clear Bra Paint Protection on this Black Tesla Model S.

murraypetera | 24 May, 2013

I just saw an ad and order

Spray on!

Unique Auto Films | 25 May, 2013
David70 | 25 May, 2013


That looks very interesting. I might consider it for places like under the door handles, where fingernails tend to mark the paint.
Maybe even over headlights, etc. where it could be replaced every year.

temujen2000 | 25 May, 2013

It just so happens that the link to the black tesla clear bra referenced above is my car. So, I might as well chime in with a testimonial.

The owner and his helper took great pride in their work and attention to detail.
I am pleased with the work, and would recommend to anyone in the San Fernando Valley area of So. Cal. I am not affiliated with this company; just a pleased customer.

I am considering ceramic tint because it promises to reduce heat build up during hot summers.
Anyone have experience with ceramic tint?

Adam S | 25 May, 2013

That Paint Defender stuff looks like a winner to me! I'm definitely ordering it. My Lexus (that my MS replaced) endured dozens of paint chips on the hood and side-view mirrors in only 4 years. I can't let that happen to my new baby.

Brian H | 26 May, 2013

sounds like you're trying to block off the old chips! :D

Adam S | 26 May, 2013

Brian -

Funny you should say that. I'm selling the Lexus to my father, and I'm definitely a chip off the old block. :)

I bought the Paint Defender today and will use it tomorrow. I plan on doing the entire hood and side mirrors.

Brian H | 26 May, 2013

So, the old block doesn't object to the chips? ;|

Adam S | 27 May, 2013

Well, I tried the Paint Defender. I had high hopes for this stuff - it seems easy enough to use. It comes with a small packet of 3M synthetic wax, and they tell you to prewax before applying the Paint Defender because that makes the stuff come off easier later.

I washed and waxed the hood, and I masked off the rest of the car.


I had read on other forums that there is a tendency for the nozzle to start foaming which can cause the stuff to spray out in big globs. The package admits this MAY be an issue, so they say to avoid stopping and starting and just spray continually. I had a paper towel ready for this, and I followed the instructions perfectly. I started applying it, and immediately I knew something was wrong. After about 5 seconds, it started coming out in big clumps. I stopped to clean the spray nozzle, but after I restarted it was no better. Don't worry, 3M tells you in the instructions, it will all level out.

It didn't level out. Not even close. This is how it ended up looking:


As horrible as it looks, I waited the 4 hours 3M suggests, and it still didn't level out. The sections that managed to look ok were very small, but the feel was all wrong. You could definitely tell that there was something there, and it felt a bit tacky.

Fortunately, it did actually come off fairly easily. My hood is back to looking like new, but I'm highly disappointed.

The bottom line is to avoid this stuff unless you're doing a very small area (like the back of the side-view mirrors). But for the hood, it's a no.

Unique Auto Films | 27 May, 2013

From speaking to the distributers of 3M directly, I was told that the "Paint Defender" is not supposed to be a replacement to clear bra paint protection. This temporary product will only protect the car up to a year and any time the substance is on after that period, makes it more and more difficult to peel off. It seems like the "Paint Defender" is only good for those traveling short distances (ie. LA to Vegas) and do not want their vehicles to get damaged. Also, even if this product is applied correctly, the film is so thin that majority of debris, bug chips, etc will penetrate the film and damage the car.

Paint Defender is NOT an alternative or replacement to clear bra.

Brian H | 28 May, 2013
Adam S | 28 May, 2013

Hey BrianH, your car looks just like mine! And so does your garage...hey wait...

Thanks for posting them. ;)