Closet Telsa service around Fresno, CA

Closet Telsa service around Fresno, CA

I may be spending sometime in the Fresno, CA area and was wondering of the Model S owners in the Central Valley where do you take your S if it needs servicing??

J.T. | 25 July, 2014

Hope it's a walk in. | 25 July, 2014

@J.T. :o) | 25 July, 2014


Look under the "find us" tab for service centers.

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johncrab | 25 July, 2014


dglauz | 25 July, 2014

By "closet tesla service" I thought I was going to learn of a secret service center. Or a place to take your tesla if you don't want anyone to know you have taken it for service.

J.T. | 25 July, 2014

Or a service center that has not yet had a coming out party.

renwo S alset | 25 July, 2014

Hope it's not a green door.

sbeggs | 25 July, 2014

My mind was headed in the same direction as J.T.s.

Tâm | 25 July, 2014


Central Valley CA is among the worst air pollution but it does not have any Superchargers for its CA-99 freeway and no stores/service centers at all.

Thus, if you want to use your closet at a service center, you have to drive hundreds of miles to the East for Sunny Vale or Fremont or to the North in Rocklin.

I hope you bought Ranger Service when it was still offered (now it's $100 per visit.)

GeekEV | 25 July, 2014

Tesla does not care if you are in the closet or not. They will happily service your vehicle no matter what your orientation.

Tâm | 25 July, 2014

Sorry! I need GPS! It's actually West, not East of Freno!.

mrspaghetti | 25 July, 2014

LOL - I love how one typo can generate so much entertainment :)

AmpedRealtor | 25 July, 2014

* rotfl *

AmpedRealtor | 25 July, 2014

Pull up to my bumper...

biwamura | 25 July, 2014

Thankyou all MS comedians its been fun!! LOL

mrspaghetti | 25 July, 2014

@biwamura: On behalf of all of us, I thank your fat fingers

johnanniegibson | 25 July, 2014

Good evening. I live 30 minutes south of Fresno. The nearest service centers are van Nuys or Sunnyvale. Tesla usually comes and gets mine for service. If I am in LA then I will arrange with them to swap vehicles. I hope this helps. The nearest supercharger is Harris ranch at an hour and half. Enjoy your time in Fresno. | 25 July, 2014

There is a Supercharger in the works for Manteca.


Zyklus | 25 July, 2014

@mclary - Seriously, stop spamming every single thread with "LOL idiot!" and "Flagged!"

Brian H | 27 July, 2014

Now, go to the 'T' in the upper left, and Edit the title. All the closet jokes will suddenly make no sense. Revenge!