Consant Error: "Cruise not available" "Autosteer temporarily unavailable" tesla model S

Consant Error: "Cruise not available" "Autosteer temporarily unavailable" tesla model S

I keep getting these two error messages: "Cruise not available" and "Autosteer temporarily unavailable" on my Tesla Model S

1. No matter what speed I'm driving - highway, city street, neighborhood.
2. I have spoken to Tesla roadside assistance and reset my display.
3. I also did a total power shutdown, waited over a minute and then restated the systems with Tesla support.
4. The car is perfectly clean and was just thoroughly washed.
5. All sensors, the radar and the windshield camera are perfectly clean.

What do I do?

Joeski1 | 30 January, 2016

wait until it is available for use....

the cruise will not work on wet roads when it's below 32* (and for good reason)

auto pilot likely has the same perimeters...

those restrictions are for your safety...

gloriall | 30 January, 2016

The same thing happened to me and I did all the same things you did, then called them back. They told me to just turn it off( I told them I was at home) and they would reset it. The next time I drove it everything was fine. I got a call from the service center checking on me and they indicated that the same thing may happen again. He also asked me if I had had new software pushed out to me and said if not there would me new software to remedy the problem. Hope that helps!

p1SL | 30 January, 2016

Had similar problem. they "checked the logs" and told me I needed my front radar recalibrated. Brought it in a few days later - problem solved.

WHitchings | 30 January, 2016

Your camera could be having a problem

flight505 | 30 January, 2016

I also read a message on screen - cruise not available.

I thought the reason was the new 7.1 software sensed my speed over speed limit.

Why? I think my sensors read Highway 60 markers as speed limit in a 75 MPH zone.

I have had my AP shut off after a Highway 60 sign.

Maybe I should drive Route 119?

CraigW | 31 January, 2016

I have had this problem repeated several times since I took deliver of my S70D in December. At first it seemed some random stops at superchargers instigated this and it would stop once I had stopped the car and gotten out several times. With 4500 miles now on the car, the problem is lessening, but Tesla has scheduled me to come in so they can inspect the car.

cliff | 15 September, 2016

My cruise and autosteer just died. Tech support pulled the logs and said that they think it is the radar and to take it to service. OK, I can do that. Now service says that as it is quarter end, they are busy with prepping new cars and can't see me for a month. WTF! Service says the car is drivable so it is not urgent for them to help me.

As this is the first problem that I've had in 18 months, I can't say whether this is normal or not. I am not impressed if this is normal service attitude.

murphyS90D | 15 September, 2016

It is likely that something has bumped the radar unit out of position.

rxlawdude | 15 September, 2016

Guys, this is a problem that apparently happens when the radar gets RF interference. I have one very specific place (the HOV flyover lane separating CA-55 and I-5 in Santa Ana, CA) where, about once a month, both TACC and Autosteer are disabled.

The good news is, AP will spontaneously become available after 3-5 minutes. Rebooting won't speed this up.

rxlawdude | 15 September, 2016

Of course, if it's truly a hardware problem (something different than the phenomenon I described above), the self-correction won't occur and then that visit to the SvC will be mandatory.

steve.vukelich | 15 September, 2016

Had this same problem. Turned out that a bug (a BIG bug) hit the radar window. I cleaned the remnants but the radar was still not available. Called tech support and they had me turn the car off via the "e-brake and power off" option on the main screen. Then to wait 5 minutes and then press the brake pedal to restart. I still did not have cruise control, but the tech said it needed to recalibrate; it took 3 hours before it started working again. Saved me a trip to the Tesla garage.

martin | 15 September, 2016

I have had that problem occasionally. After a minute or two both always came back. My guess is that the system recalibrates itself from Time to time...

yylho | 16 May, 2019

I have had this problem from the last 3 weeks, ever since the new firmware upgrade 2019.12.11 4b1dd29. It has been happening on both rainy/sunny days. I have called support, one guy suggested to voice command "report bug". I have done it for the last weeks as it happened. Called service to book an appointment. Went to service centre, and it is not showing in their logs. At the end, it is concluded to me that nothing they will or can do.
I am very frustrated, as no one seems to care that this problem is serious, can cause accident due to sudden unexpected stop on highway. I can't trust to use the Autopilot. Any advises? | 16 May, 2019

@yylho - First off, you have the voice command wrong - the voice command is "Bug Report" followed by a short statement. It should show a message that the message was accepted with a green check mark in the lower center of the instrument display (S/X).

I don't think there is a 12.11 version - more likely 12.1.1, which should work fine.

Check that all the cameras are fairly clean. If one is obscured it may cause this issue. Getting a few bug reports should help Tesla isolate what is going on. It could be one of the cameras has failed, although you'd think a bug report would not be necessary (unless it's intermittent).

Daisy the Road ... | 16 May, 2019

We ran into the same problem for a day or two. We thought the precipitating event was bumping the S into one of our other cars (gently). The impact point was at the park sensor just behind the rear wheel. Thereafter: No cruise and auto steer. Later that day it worked intermittently. I fished out the sensor and it looked perfect. Plugged it back in again. The problem was gone the next morning. Later we started to think that the might have gotten the timeline backwards. Bumping into the other car mightg have been due to the sensor not functioning.

yylho | 17 May, 2019, as I did the voice command "Report Bug", I did got back a message on the dash saying "Thanks for your feedback" though.
The cameras are definitely clean. The bug reports are not visible to the service centres, at least in Canada. They only have the useless log like when I open and close door.
@Daisy the Road, we never have accident at the back, but I did ask Tesla service center to check the sensor, they said no error report. As they claim, if it is sensor, there will be an error message pop up on the dashboard, now I am doubting about this.