How crazy would it be to take the existing Model S and add Electric Superchargers to it?

Let me explain.

We all know that electric cars need to be as aerodynamic as possible.

Well in the design of every car there is at least one area that will always take the blunt of the wind trauma for a moving car....the grille.

Would it be a crazy idea for the Model S to incorporate a wind turbine of sorts to the grille of the vehicle..

That way, instead of wasting the force of the air colliding with the grille it can actually go into the grille and power some wind turbines when the car is moving!!

That could charge the battery on the run and if need be, add extra power to a hard acceleration like a supercharger......furthermore, it could just charge the battery with regular use.

but why even stop there?....there is plenty of air flow going underneath the car to also incorporate wind turbines....and even the air coming down the sides.

There is just plenty of potential to collect the air passing around the car or colliding with the grille that can be used to power wind trubines that would charge the battery..

What are your thoughts?

Timo | 30 September, 2010

TANSTAAFL, IE those turbines cause more drag than they generate electricity. And even if you managed to catch some energy from waste drag it would be minuscule gain. Smaller even that what you gain from solar panels. Otherwise you would end up losing energy instead of creating it. Better would be eliminating that waste drag.

femitomobi | 30 September, 2010

Cool....Makes sense.

What about an all solar panel roof?

Timo | 30 September, 2010

With solar you gain something but it would be in range of 1-2kW in 10 hours or so. Roadster uses 15kW just to maintain 60mph, and Model S is heavier and larger vehicle. 100-200W increase won't do much good in increasing range.

As that new "FAQ" topic explains it could be used to run A/C fans while car is in park cooling the car so that you don't step into sauna after it has baked some time in sun. Logic is that the hotter the sun radiation the more you get energy to keep it cool. Nice. Especially if you have any pets you need to leave in the car. Your dog would love you for getting air conditioning while waiting.

femitomobi | 30 September, 2010

LOL....yea....that would be kinda hot. pun intended.

BYT | 4 October, 2010

I mentioned in a tread before about New Energy Technologies SolarWindow spray on technology which has been tested and proven to work. Sprat this stuff on the whole surface of the car and you will be generating a lot more from that hot sun then just the A/C.

At least worth looking into as a potential for keeping these cars powered while on the road. A summer's drive in not possible again, you'll want to start that trip at 5am to take full advantage of the sun to drive cross country.

Timo | 4 October, 2010

Solar is just too weak, even if you cover entire car with it. You could charge your batteries with it in about day and a half, but not sustain car batteries while it is moving. There just isn't enough surface area facing sun for it. You can calculate that yourself.

BYT | 4 October, 2010

Apparently this spray stuff can outperform rooftop solar panels by 300% utilizing both sun and man-made lighting and can be applied at room temperatures. 9-20-10 News Release from the company is here,

I wish I could quote the power outputs but I just couldn't find them in my quick searching. Just saying, it wouldn't hurt for Tesla to check it out, would it? :)

Timo | 4 October, 2010

That 300% does not come from better efficiency but better coverage of the building. They used 100 North Tampa building as example of covering all windows with that stuff and rooftop solar panels. Look what kind of building is in question. Rooftop is tiny compared to surface area of those windows.

Basically if you can see thru it you are not converting any significant amount of it to electricity. I'm guessing less than 5% of the radiation it gets gets actually converted to electricity. That's something like 50W/m^2 assuming it faces directly to Sun. Half that in 45 decree angle. Way too little for cars.

Pharmfacewhat | 11 April, 2013

Old blog I know but you need to do it! Laminates are cheap now and so are micro inverters. I'll put the whole thing @ $800 with a profit for 210 watt setup. DO IT! I'm cool with getting stranded in Galveston for a week and having 20 or 30 extra miles of juice to get me home nice and sound... Talk about stress reliever in so many ways. That kind of life is where we all need to be. No worries about how to get to work or see your family and it promotes taking time at the places you travel to effectively slowing us all down a little but for a good reason;). To live with freedom!!! Give me freedom! Or give me death! - had to say it. Let's do this, hit me up for possible job offer, I'm game anytime you are tesla if you need some back up.

Tomas | 13 April, 2013

I think you don't understand basic physics.

Maybe while we are at it we should build a closed-circuit water wheel to generate electricity. Simple and brilliant:
Water falls over a wheel that drives a generator. Electricity from generator powers a pump to pump the water back up to the top so it can fall back down over the water wheel and generator more electricity. Brilliant, how come nobody has thought of this? Oh....right, they have. It's call perpetual motion.

Tiebreaker | 13 April, 2013

Here is a good explanation: