CurbTXT for EV charging

CurbTXT for EV charging

The website allows you to associate your license plate number with your cell phone number so people may send you text messages. For coordinating usage of superchargers, especially at Harris Ramch, this might be a pretty slick solution.

GreenDot | 27 January, 2013

I like it! Does anyone know if magnets work on the car? I don't think I would want to put a sticker on my car, but maybe could get a magnet, stick the sticker to that and then to the car?

TheAustin | 27 January, 2013

The car body is aluminium so, No, car magnets will not stick to the car. Although, I was wondering...If you had a high-powered magnet, could you find a spot on the car where you could place that magnet behind a panel to secure a magnet bumper sticker-type sign on the other side? Anyone think of this/try this yet?