Delivery of license plates

Delivery of license plates

Ok, so I'm about a month in with the Model-S but still haven't received my WA license plates yet. I have 2 weeks left on the temp dealer papers. Should I be worried? Is it taking others this long to get their plates?


HaroldS | 19 November, 2012


We're more than a month out and nothing yet. The state in which you license the car is responsible for the processing after Tesla send them the paperwork.

Here's what upsets me. We paid over $100K cash for the car, and it was cash up front. Yet when the car arrived there was no title. I had been assured by the delivery person that we would have permanent plates. Not only was that not true, but the title was in Palo Alto (and the car was in Wisconsin, where it is to be licensed). We could have taken the title to our DMV and walked out with the plates in a couple of hours, but because of the misinformation prior to delivery, we're still waiting.


cosmomusic | 19 November, 2012

I am in California. I received my SP on 10/22/12 at the factory. I received my license plate 10 days ago, and received my title last Thursday at my home address. All within a month. All were taken care of by TMC. Am not certain how the police are in WA, but can't see them giving you a ticket for temporary registration in car like this. Hopefully, they are astute enough to understand that you can't put plates on car until you receive them.

mrspaghetti | 19 November, 2012

Even if the police weren't, the judge almost certainly would be.

Theresa | 20 November, 2012

HaroldS, Where in Wisconsin? I am originally from there and now live in Iowa, near Cedar Rapids. I travel back to Wisc quite often, mostly to the Dells area.