Designing the Tesla model x

Designing the Tesla model x

When can we design our tesla model x?

nina.k | 29 August, 2014

When can we design the model x

gfb107 | 29 August, 2014


ian | 29 August, 2014

Your guess is as good as ours!

Red Sage ca us | 29 August, 2014
Brian H | 30 August, 2014

It will only make the Wait harder. | 30 August, 2014

Is Echo Mike a thinly disguised pseudonym for Elon Musk?
2015 is "only" 4 months away? Surely, there will be some design activity by then?
Maybe Signature reservation holders? Maybe?

EternalChampion | 30 August, 2014

Not thinly disguised...pretty overt.

Red Sage ca us | 30 August, 2014

It just happens to signify the name, 'Evil Monkey'... Does no one watch 'Family Guy' anymore? Pure coincidence that character shares initials with the CEO of Tesla Motors. In fact, I didn't realize the fact until after I made the graphic. I believe it is a coincidental instance of irony and serendipity.

vperl | 30 August, 2014

Padded room for you, and years of therapy

Brian Vicars | 3 October, 2014

Get a life everybody.
When I wake up in the morning, my first thought is my Model X reservation.
43 years of marriage has certainly changed my priorities.
My wife questioned why we need fog lights. Now everyday it is foggy, I comment that it would be nice to have fog lamps.
Has anyone out there not had to update one's significant other as to expected cost of the car, weekly? Duh, may be I should stop giving her updates.

Brian XP634 Canada

P.S. Since OUR Canadian flag has lots of almost Tesla red, do we qualify to move ahead of all the US orders? eh?

Red Sage ca us | 3 October, 2014

I'm sure there will be buyers in Ontario CA that get their Model X rather early...

Oh, wait... You meant CANADA, not CALIFORNIA, right?


jjs | 3 October, 2014

@Red Sage - Funny and mean all at once. Nice.

I know, I know, the mean part was just an accident. It's Canada. Maybe I should have said cold instead of mean?

Red Sage ca us | 3 October, 2014

Not quite 'cold as ICE'...


jjs | 4 October, 2014

I like it!