Detroit Electric SP:01 - The powersource of the future?

Detroit Electric SP:01 - The powersource of the future?

Saw this on DEs homepage:

"it’s our bi-directional technology that will revolutionise the way we use electric cars. Soon you’ll be able to earn money from surplus energy in the car’s battery, power your home or business, and even charge other EVs."

Didn´t find any more specific information, but I think this is a funny use of an EV. First of all, it must be difficult to earn money selling energy that you have not produced, but bought. Secondly, all these things they say you can do means that you have to discharge the battery. And that makes the car, hmm, pretty much useless. At least for a couple of hours until the battery is recharged.

What do u think? Is there something I don´t understand here?

rlarno | 11 April, 2013

I do not have any references but I believe this is on the premise that wind and solar power are variable and the surplus of energy could be stored in EV battery packs. For example, on a windy and sunny day there is a surplus in power. You would be able to charge your car during the day using that power (for free).

Last sunday, I noticed the windmills of my utility were turning, but the one from the main belgian utility (also operating the nuclear power plants and most of the gas power plants) had shut down theirs. It seems that on such a day the price they get per kWh is actually negative. (I'm told) So it would be beneficial to store that energy in parked and available EV's.

Also on this note is the use for 'used' EV battery packs. They are no longer suitable to power an EV, but could be remodelled as a house-hold battery pack, storing your PV panel power during the day, and allowing you to use its power during the evening/at night.

However, it might be possible to use the ESS in other applications. For example, the ESS could be used as a power source for off-grid backup or load leveling. The battery requirements for such an application are not as demanding as a high performance vehicle battery.

alcassfast | 11 April, 2013

Yes, one's refrigerator doesn't have to go from 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds, so theoretically, one could hook up your old Tesla battery to you solar V array and Bob's yer uncle, a good way to store energy at home.