Dirt underneath clear coat

Dirt underneath clear coat

I noticed scratches on the left rear door of my Model S when it was delivered the week before last. My wife noticed small bubbles in the paint on the bumper. Neither problem was caught by final inspection apparently. Tesla sent my car to a body shop on Monday. I called to check today, and they said the bubbles on the bumper were actually dirt particles underneath the clear coat. They are sanding it down and redoing the whole bumper :(

The scratches may have occurred after leaving the factory, but not the dirt under the clear coat. I hope Tesla improves their inspection process.

Jewsh | 12 December, 2012

I can't say why Tesla didn't catch that particular issue but their inspection process is about as good as it gets. (From what I saw it is on par with Aston Martin.)

It is truly unfortunate that your car isn't perfect but sometimes it's how a company deals with these types of issues more than anything else.

Enjoy your car when it gets back!

jinglehyme | 12 December, 2012

I've got some bubbles under my clear coat too. Still waiting to hear back about the frayed headliner - My delivery specialist said he told service about the problems, I'm still waiting to hear back.

pilotSteve | 12 December, 2012

I had some scratches near the door as well and my service center said they would have the clear coat buffed and detailed. Will find out how that looks Friday when I get the car back.

Jon Wray | 12 December, 2012

@jinglehyme: don't wait, contact My delivery specialist never submitted the photos he took. After a week, I just brought my car in to the service center so they could see it.