Drove an ICE car for the first time in a month

Drove an ICE car for the first time in a month

I was soooo disappointed - and I used to love that car.

Model S has ruined me for life!

David Trushin | 7 April, 2013

My SRX has been sitting forsaken in my garage. Now that the snow is no longer an issue, I probably will only drive it to keep it running until I can sell it.

shop | 7 April, 2013

Driving any ICE now is a real letdown for me. And honestly, I used to not really care too much about what kind of car I drove...

Mike C | 7 April, 2013

Have not driven an ICE in over 2 months and hoping to keep it that way!

john_cohn | 7 April, 2013

Rented an ICE during a weekend trip. A couple times I started to walk off before realizing I left the car running with the key in the ignition.

EcLectric | 8 April, 2013

My wife tried to spare me the agony, but this last weekend I had to help her fill up her ICE car with gas. I hadn't gone near a gas station except to gesture rudely as I went by - since December of last year when we picked up our Model S. It was the same ugly experience I remembered: standing out in the cold, watching the reverse ATM add up how much you are paying ($60), listening to 'Shell TV' on the (thankfully broken - no video) TV they have set up. It felt a bit like going back to manually filling out your tax forms...

N8Tyler | 8 April, 2013

I never thought about how I would not like driving my ICE vehicle after getting the Model S. I am due to get mine this month. But, you got me thinking and I do remember test driving the Model S and then being disappointed and a little upset about my vehicle. The performance, ride, lack of acceleration. | 8 April, 2013

+1 dortor
+1 john_cohn

derek | 8 April, 2013

I drove my Acura MDX on a weekend trip. Great car, BTW.

-Left the key in running once
-Almost killed everyone trying to pass but lacking torque from the 300HP engine
-Had a hard time finding the normally placed turn signal
-Ran up to a stop sign way to fast waiting for regen braking
-Had to use my smartphone and YouTube to get a specific song the kids wanted to hear. Who does that anymore?
-Second guessed the crappy nav...rightly so.
-Used Android to search for restaurants cuz Acura POI search is awful

But, to her credit, the MDX was easy to refuel just about anywhere, and I can put a tremendous amount of energy in her in just 5 minutes...and $70. I love my Model S, but I take an ICE road tripping.

scriptacus | 8 April, 2013

My buddy let me drive his Maserati Granturismo MC Sport today in exchange for my letting him drive my Model S. It's a super nice car, but in my mind it just doesn't compare to the driving experience on the Model S. I just find all of the lag, shifting, rumbling, etc... of ICE cars so unappealing now. I think my favorite part was the seats. It has much nicer, cushy sport type seats with really good support compared to the Model S. I suppose that's to be expected from a 2 door sports coupe vs. a 4 door sedan, but I think Tesla could do better, even if it was just nicer seats on the Performance or Performance Plus models only.

As for his impressions of the Model S... "I can't believe how fun it is to drive.". He did miss the engine sound, which is understandable when you're coming from something with a Ferrari engine under the hood.

olanmills | 9 April, 2013

"Drove an ICE car for the first time in a month"

Sucks, doesn't it?