Electric Cars.... Cool. 80K...... Not so cool

Electric Cars.... Cool. 80K...... Not so cool

I've been doing much needed research on Tesla and love what they are doing, but the price is crazy. What makes the Tesla Model S so great though is the look it has to be the best looking electric car out there no question, but the price is just so out of reach for so many people...

I'm one of those people who refuse to spend 80k on a car... knock the price down to 40k then we can talk... I would even do 50k for the right electric car, but 80k is so out of reach for the market...

I know and have read about Gen III and it needs to get here sooner than later. The market for electric cars will BOOM if it is in reach for the middle class. Most middle class people are trying to get off of gas. I am one who wants to get off gas. I would be ok with taking one of my other cars for long distance travel, but if I can get an electric car with 200 miles range for daily use for an affordable price that will be my point A to point B car. When I travel long distance I will use my gas car.

We need to hurry up and get to GEN III. Electric cars for rich people isn't going to have a big impact on anything. Right now people consider electric cars rich people play toys. Lets change this.

Vawlkus | 22 April, 2013

4 words.

It ain't gonna happen overnight. You have made your choice and stated it. The consequence of that choice is the wait until 2016/2017.

scole04 | 22 April, 2013

True. One miracle at a time.

L8MDL | 22 April, 2013

Jonandu - just curious as to what you do that requires a "200 miles range" per day car. Seems like a lot of miles every day...

negarholger | 22 April, 2013

You have a couple of options...
(a) you hurry up and become "rich"
(b) wait 3-4 years and buy a used MS for half price
(c) wait 5-7 years until Tesla makes enough Gen3 so there will be one for you.

Producing Gen3 will cost a lot of money which Tesla doesn't have currently - it still needs to be earned buy selling lots of $80k cars. Tesla Motors is in the same situation as you are...

alcassfast | 22 April, 2013

@all (except for the threader)

You eloquently expounded on my thoughts.

alanwwebb | 22 April, 2013


Volt. Leaf. Prius.

Not all electric cars are Teslas, and don't have to be.
There are already perfectly acceptable, useful, good cars in a lower price range.
In other words, there's no reason for electrics to be thought
of as rich people's toys.

A Ferrari is a sports car. Does that make all sports cars rich people toys?
Miata MX5. MINI Cooper S. Mustang.

In all categories there are expensive cars and less expensive cars. Your choice.

Rhinotyme | 22 April, 2013


If you're so hot to trot for an electric car that suits your needs, and price point, start your own electric car company.

I rather like the Tesla Master Plan. Membership has its privileges.

olanmills | 22 April, 2013

According to Wikipedia, a cell phone was first demonstrated in 1973, and it was first commercially available in 1983. The talk time sucked and it was super expensive.

I would say that maybe you could consider cel phones to really have BOOMed (to use your wording) starting in the late 90's and early 2000's, if not a little later.

Basically, you just have to wait. Most new technology products have a slow early development and adoption process and until years on, it will seem like it's available everywhere for an affordable price, and in hindsight it will seem as if it happened overnight.

Benz | 22 April, 2013

@ olamills


@ Jonandu

How many miles do you drive per day/week/month/year?

DarrellH | 23 April, 2013

Jonandu, your wish has been in the original business plan for 10 years. As Vawlkus mentioned, Google Tesla Secret Master Plan.

AaronL | 23 April, 2013

Let's do the math together, without sales tax my S was $73,820 out the door, minus $10,000 in rebates minus $11,200 in fuel savings 12k miles per year X 4 years at 15mpg (average for a full size luxury sedan) X 4.75 a gallon. ($15,200 for me because my home is solar)and now you have a $52,620 car that is superior to a S class, 7 series or an audi 8. I say it is the deal of century!

Sudre_ | 23 April, 2013

I hear what you are saying Jonandu but I managed to get an S anyway. I bought stock low and then sold enough shares to make up for what I thought was too high. That brought the price down to my acceptance level.

Dwdnjck@ca | 23 April, 2013

Not cool? Compared to what? This car beats them all. Ask Motorr Trend.

Goose66 | 23 April, 2013

But reading the website on a regular basis from 2009 through the availability of the S for order, we were told that the S WOULD BE IN THE MID $40,000s after incentive. This price is nearly twice that. I think there is definitely a case to be made that they screwed the pooch on this one when it comes to pricing.

Vawlkus | 24 April, 2013

Feel free to build your own if you think you can do it cheaper.

rEVolution | 24 April, 2013

Take a look at the RAV4EV, with incentives, it is extremely cheap, and it has Tesla 'guts'. Only available in CA, unless you are willing to jump through some hoops to get it into your state. Still expensive, but more in your price range.

I have a Prius Plug-in myself, and am officially hooked on EVs, and am ready for a LEAF myself (as the Model S is way out of my price range as well, unless they could come up with some killer lease deals).

The good news is that more and more manufacturers are coming out with electric cars, and the demand for Tesla vehicles is increasing as well, so obviously this is not going to be another EV1 situation. All this competition will bring price down.

Brian H | 24 April, 2013

The RAV4EV is far from cheap considering its competition etc. Elon thinks Toyota overpriced it, and is not serious about promoting or producing it.

Doug H | 25 April, 2013

I was about to buy a Gensis at $45k. The cost of ownership over 5 years driving 20k miles a year is almost exactly the same. The only difference, the Model S will have a higher residual value. The cost of the gas, oil changes, emission tests, transmission service, and engine repairs and tune ups are just expenses that hold no value. The cost of driving ICE with a transmission makes the $84k I'm paying a smart choice.

Joshua Burstyn | 26 April, 2013

"The RAV4EV is far from cheap considering its competition etc. Elon thinks Toyota overpriced it, and is not serious about promoting or producing it."

As we've discussed before, Toyota continues to push hybrids since they've got a huge amount invested in them.

herkimer | 28 April, 2013

As time goes by, be on the lookout for a used model S.

The prices will soon be very affordable. Truth is, if you really crunch the numbers, you will see that the Model S is at a far more affordable price point than it seems at first glance. Its a high cost of entry, that's true, at this point. But the longer you keep the car, the more it will pay you back! This will carry over and be just as true of used ones too, with a lower cost of entry!

This car is built to last AND to be upgraded regularly, without having to buy a new car! If you really look at the details, the Model S is simply an amazing car, and the price point is quite genius actually, in view of the long range "secret plan." It is a revolutionary product, which will only get better and more cost effective with every year!

Brian H | 28 April, 2013

yes, watching the "secret master plan" come together is delightful.

ian | 29 April, 2013

In the words of Hannibal Smith, "I love it when a plan comes together." ;-)