Ever thought what will you do in an accident if you rollover and end up on the top with this Model X…

Ever thought what will you do in an accident if you rollover and end up on the top with this Model X…

Model X is very nice…. But have you ever thought about how are you going to get out on the rush in an accident with those stupid Gullwing doors… this for me is a complete draw back on that model in my province in Canada we have very bad winter and I see very often vehicles in the ditch on the top and it happened to me as well… I would just freak out if this would happen to me with a Model X… In an accident seconds counts to save your life and your love ones…

I just wish this Model X could come with normal doors and be able to use a roof rack as well like any other vehicle of this type.

NumberOne | 24 November, 2013

The traction on the Model X is such that this scenario is not very likely. Also, the front doors are regular doors, and the falcon wing doors are double hinged, so you should still be able to get out. If you want regular doors so you could have a roof rack, you are in a minority. There will be another solution, as well as a way to put skis inside.

jbunn | 5 December, 2013

Open one falcon door, and the car will flip back over on it's wheels.

Brian H | 5 December, 2013

That would be a fun demo!

carlgo | 5 December, 2013

I answered this one a long time ago: "Turtle Mode". I patented it, but will give it up for a free X. jbunn is wrong in that it takes two doors to flip it over unless you get the optional explosive door hinges.

ian | 5 December, 2013

Turtle mode! Ha! I like it. The doors opening would have to be highly coordinated to get it rocking.

Or you can climb out through the front doors which are just regular doors.

Tesla Monster | 5 December, 2013

Who said there are no dumb questions.

Brian H | 5 December, 2013

That was one.

mlnewman | 6 December, 2013

The Mercedes SLS AMG has a small charge that blows the hinges to allow operation in a rollover event. This is federally mandated and it's possible (likely?) that the Model X will have the same.

Skotty | 6 December, 2013

If you are regularly flipping your car upside down, you have bigger problems than what type of door your car has. Point being, it's a rare occurrence, and not a high priority concern.

What is the likelihood that a typical minivan sliding door would be able to open after rolling over onto the roof? I would think it likely that damage to the overall structure would easily jam a huge sliding door. When a car rolls over, it often rests on it's hood and roof, with the car facing slightly into the ground. This would likely interfere with opening the front doors. Should front doors of cars be modified to ensure they can open when the car is rolled over? How much added expense is warranted to provide better escape routes for unlikely accidents? Probably not much.

Overall, I don't think the falcon wing doors pose any significant additional safety risk. In the event of a rollover accident where the falcon wing doors will not open, there are several other possibilities for exiting or being extracted from the vehicle, including the front doors, rear hatch, and any broken or open windows. And if none of that works, emergency teams will bring out the jaws of life.

NumberOne | 6 December, 2013

To add to what Skotty wrote, and what I initially said. The Model X is designed not to roll over. Aside from unbuckling yourself to avoid excessive bloodflow to your head from being upside down, you would probably be safe in the upside down vehicle. The same would not be true for an ICE. You would not need to get out of the Tesla since the risk of fire in such a case is very small. Also if you managed to get the car on its roof due to a combination of topography and ice, your chances for survival is actually greater in the car.

TheStig | 8 December, 2013

I've come to this conclusion: Those that does not like the falcon wing will bring up every possible excuse to convince others in order to pressure Tesla to kill the idea. It's getting old.

Brian H | 8 December, 2013

Right. Senile, too.

blue adept | 8 December, 2013

+1 @ The Stig's comments.

N6JRA | 9 December, 2013

With such a low center of gravity you're gonna have to work really hard to roll this car.

Brian H | 9 December, 2013

The testing agency required special lifts to do it.

AndreyATC | 9 December, 2013

In a very unlikely event of rollover, i doubt X will stay on its roof
Most likely the weight and position of the battery will roll it either back to original state or to its side
Just too much weight on slick and rounded shape to stay in the air

Brian H | 9 December, 2013

Since it sits higher than the MS, it might be easier to roll. Don't know how much.

NumberOne | 10 December, 2013

I doubt that there will be much difference than with the S, because the weight is still evenly distributed and not very far off the ground. If you look at the picture of the side by side comparison on the Model X page, you will see that the ground clearance of the X is between 8 and 10 inches (rough estimate).

With An ICE the engine is much higher, and the weight is not distributed evenly, which increases the changes of a rollover, because all the weight is in the front, and the center of gravity is higher, and also toward the front, causing the suspension on one side of the front to handle most of the burden, which is very difficult. The end result is a vehicle that has the potential for a rollover, regardless of rollover stability measures built in by the manufacturer. The Model X may have a higher chance than the MS to roll over, but it is still nearly impossible. The most important of many factors include the distribution of weight and the width of the car in relation to its center of gravity.

Naturally this is all speculation, but food for thought nevertheless.

Loscocco | 14 December, 2013

Great thread but I don't think this is a big issue. Not fitting in a garage or having a roof rack concerns me more. In a rollover situation almost any door of any type will likely be jammed and inoperable but there will be plenty of open broken windows.

Haeze | 15 December, 2013

The only (real) purpose for a roof rack would be for surf boards/skis/kayaks/bikes/etc.

In all cases except kayaks, a rear, or hatch-mounted rack would work just fine.

In the case of kayaks, most would rather put them on a trailer anyway.

If you are thinking you will need one of those roof-rack pods to store stuff in, you need to go back to the Tesla Showroom and see how much stuff can already fit in a Model S between the Frunk, Trunk, and 'The Well' in the trunk (All of which the Model X will have). There is a massive amount of storage space inside these cars.

ian | 15 December, 2013

Yup. I'm hoping the rear of the X will be long and tall enough with the rear seats down to fit a couple bikes in facing rear wards with front wheels off. Then I'll use a hitch mount rack for extras or dirty mountain bikes.

I'm a bit worried about the length of the space behind the 2nd row. We'll see!

Brian H | 17 December, 2013

Someone got a tandem in an MS; I think you'll manage!

ian | 17 December, 2013

It wasn't upright though. ;-)