Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty

I have not read anything regarding an extended warranty. Does anyone have information on this subject. Since I plan on keeping the car forever this is something that I would be interested in. I think a warranty on the motor, inverter, gearbox , air suspension, and computer equipment would be a hot commodity.

stephen.kamichik | 9 May, 2012

If an electronic component fails, it is almost always within the first month of use. The air suspension I believe is by Continental Air Suspension (same company as Continental Tire). Extended warranties rarely benefit the purchaser.

jerry3 | 9 May, 2012

At best, and extended warranty is like a fire insurance policy. If you're lucky you'll only be out the cost of the premiums. Some extended warranties are far worse.

BYT | 10 May, 2012

After the 4 years on the electronics and 8 years on the battery expire on my Model S, one of the few things likely to fail I am hoping I can then upgrade anyway.