Fire in the Caldecott tunnel

Fire in the Caldecott tunnel

I was reading today's San Francisco Chronicle and saw an article about a car fire in the Caldecott tunnel - a 1988 Acura Legend burned sending 8 to the hospital.

It occurred to me that no one is shorting Honda (Acura's owner) based on this incident. Gas powered vehicles burn all the time and no one bats an eye. ICE's have thousands of controlled explosions per minute and carry enough gasoline to create a spectacular bomb. And yet people consider a couple of Tesla fires where no one was hurt worth 10% of the valuation of a billion dollar company.

The logic evades me...

Petitefogger | 2 November, 2013

... unless you've shorted Tesla stock. This weekend's WSJ (page B14 of the dead-tree version) suggests that the shorts are starting to circle TSLA. One way to pop a bubble, of course, is to attack a company's fundamentals. Tesla's fundamentals are still pretty good, so Plan B might be to suggest that the company's products are four-wheeled incendiary devices.

AmpedRealtor | 2 November, 2013

Why don't you stop elevating the issue, then, by creating yet another useless thread about it?

There are tons of threads about Tesla fires, so every time someone starts a new one, it brings up the issue again. So if you want people to stop making a big deal about Tesla's catching on fire, stop waving the flag by calling attention to it in thread after thread.

I'm referring to everyone who does this, not just OP. The more you talk about something, the more attention it's going to get. The only people who are talking about Tesla fires today are the people in this forum and over at TMC.

Petitefogger | 2 November, 2013

Posting a topic to an online forum is "elevating" it? My, my. I had no idea that Tesla user forums were required reading for Wall Street titans and opinion leaders in general.

AmpedRealtor | 2 November, 2013

@ dphillip1 - Yes, it is giving more attention to a topic that everyone says they wish people would stop talking about. If you want people to stop talking about it, then stop talking about it.

carlk | 2 November, 2013

Well there are 250,000 car fires in US each year. People probably will go buy a Tesla instead of an ICE car when they realize there is not a tankful of gasoline wherever you go. Shorts probably should be wise enough not to bring up this issue.

shop | 2 November, 2013

The other thing people don't realize is that many (most?) ICE fires are spontaenous - ie. they occur even though the car hasn't crashed. A cracked fuel line, etc can start an ICE fire with it just idleing. There have been exactly ZERO spontaenous Tesla fires.

Petitefogger | 2 November, 2013

Well, if "everyone says" that a particular topic is verboten, then I suppose it's OK to attack the OP for posting on that topic. My apologies.

carlk | 2 November, 2013

@shop That's exactly the point. From the serverity of the accident that caused the last MS fire I can't imagine the driver, if in an ICE car, could just walk out of the accident unharmed.

Shesmyne2 | 2 November, 2013

Bet the Acura driver didn't get a message from his car that told them to
evacuate the vehicle as the Tesla does.
No matter what, the Model S is still a far superior vehicle.

Still Grinning;-)

Alex K | 2 November, 2013

Please move this topic to the "General" section. It's got little to do with the Tesla Model S car.

Gizmotoy | 2 November, 2013

It occurred to me that no one is shorting Honda (Acura's owner) based on this incident.

Is that in any way surprising to you? It's a 25 year old car. "Those Acura cars were crap 25 years ago! I should short the stock!"