Front license plate alternative

Front license plate alternative

I have just gotten my friend the sign magician to make me a front license plate sticker. It will go on the nose of the Tesla without screws and supposedly will not cause any damage upon removal. I have taken a pcture of the two plates and will post pictures of the real plate with the sticker, if someone will tell me how to do it. This is definitely not legal under the CA vehicle code, but the sticker-plate looks so good that I can't imagine anyone would ever know. It cost me $50 for two plates. After I post pictures if anyone is interested I'll give you contact info for the sign man.

scriptacus | 22 March, 2013

I just used zip ties to attach the standard plate holder to the front grill.

info | 22 March, 2013

i have been told that this positioning blocks airflow and is recommended against.

Panda88 | 22 March, 2013

i would be interested - any update on posting the picture

cgiGuy | 23 March, 2013

To post your pics if you don't have a Flickr (or other) account..

Option 2. After the upload it will give you multiple links in code. I assume the HTML one is the one to copy paste into your message.

I'll test on this message and see if it works..

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DouglasR | 23 March, 2013

Now there's a license plate I could go for!

sidney_wang | 23 March, 2013

@richard - here is a post from a different thread answering the airflow concern: | MARCH 15, 2013
So... here's the info on thermal flow with the front plate mounted in the above fashion.

Amount of impact to battery cooling system: 1% to 5% loss of thermal cooling at ambient temperatures of approx. 40 C/104 Fahrenheit.

This applies more to long extended drives. There is less impact to short trips around town.

So, what I take from this is if you are driving through Death Valley in the middle of summer, I would probably take the front plate off.

This post is not a seal of approval from Tesla on this mounting technique. If you are still concerned talk to your local tech or contact Tesla directly.

I hope this helps...

info | 23 March, 2013

cgi--thanks. I will post two pictures right after I download them. I have discovered a bit of a problem and will be working it out on Monday. The plate came out very nicely, but the flat area of the nose isn't big enough to support the plate without folding it over. I am going to take the plate to the sign magician on Monday and ask him to shrink it to fit the dimension of the nose flat spot. This will look a bit different than a legal plate, but unless you get a real prickly officer, it might pass. This note is going in at 4:41 PDT. The test of my computer skills is how long it takes to see the uploaded picture. Don't hurry back.

info | 23 March, 2013

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Could this be right?

info | 23 March, 2013

As you all can see, CGIguy is a cgiguy and managed to get an image, but it's big....very big. I have no idea how to downsize it. But you can see that the top "plate" is the sticker on the backing paper. Other than the blue lettering being a bit more royal than the real plates navy, it's spot on.

info | 23 March, 2013

I forgot to mention that the sign magician even put screws in the fake plate.

info | 23 March, 2013

I'm going to try another link and see if it is easier to view.

info | 23 March, 2013

I've just measured. The nose has a 3 3/4 inch flat spot. If the plate is wrapped on the black surface you have exactly 6 inches, which coincidently is the width of the standard license plate. I will post a photo of the sticker temporarily attached. It really didn't look half bad off center. If you center it you have a choice of covering the T logo or cutting a V into the plate. Not a hard job since the plate is made of vinyl.

info | 23 March, 2013
With any luck, this link will show you what it looks like. Sorry for the multiple entries and the lack of being able to simply post a photo, but I'm new to this and not entirely successful in doing what I think should be easy. But I have a choice......learn how to post photos or drive the MOdel S. Guess which choice wins.

Brian H | 24 March, 2013

include width="600" in your HTML to restrict your picture to this column width. E.g.:

Brian H | 24 March, 2013

Hm, should have worked, one more try:

Brian H | 24 March, 2013

No, I guess imageshack has some proprietary method now. It asked for tags, then gave me

Trying that:

info | 24 March, 2013

Thanks for the efforts. I still have no idea how you get the picture in the message. I tried to do it with the front of my car and only could post the link.

The top "plate" is the vinyl with fake screws. In actuality it appears a bit blurry, but it's very, very good.

Alex K | 24 March, 2013

@b>info@richardpol... | MARCH 24, 2013: I still have no idea how you get the picture in the message.

You need to type &ltimg src="" width="600" &gt. Make sure your ,JPG file can be displayed by trying it out on a separate browser window.

Alex K | 24 March, 2013

Sorry &lt is less than sign &gt is greater than sign. Now I just managed to confuse things more.

Duffer | 24 March, 2013

@info@richardpol - I might like to try this -- please post the sign man's contact info or email me at Thanks.

Brian H | 24 March, 2013

Those semicolons you omitted are part of the deal:

<img src="" width="600" >

I.e. & lt ; & gt ;
They are not part of the punctuation of the sentence.

DR R | 4 April, 2013

used zip ties to fasten front plate bracket....worked well...thanks to the people with the previous posts...