Front window sunshade?

Front window sunshade?

Does anyone know where I can get a custom front window shade for the model S? Live in Arizona and want to get one before our summer starts... Thanks!

Margaret.kreeger | 5 February, 2013

I found a heat shade on amazon that was made for the S and it works great!

Brian H | 5 February, 2013

Links are politer than vague references.

Alex K | 5 February, 2013

I think they are talking about the HeatShield product:

I've always gotten window shades for all my cars from HeatShield. I've tried other brands, but they never seemed to fit properly:

Looks like it's cheaper to buy through Amazon.

jmwalden1123 | 5 February, 2013

Thank you so much for your help/ordered!

EclecticCitizen | 28 February, 2013

another Arizonan thanks you!

rodf | 14 July, 2013

Does it fit under the seat when storing?

stevenmaifert | 15 July, 2013

It rolls up and fits nicely in the rear well.

yoohootesla | 9 October, 2013

MK and AK: thanks for the info. I got real tired of trying to make my sunshade from my former ride fit... which it didn't.

Justin.h.Stottlemyer | 9 October, 2013

Incidentally, heatshield is in Santa Clara, if you are in the Silicon Valley area you can pick it up from their factory.

2050project | 15 October, 2013

With the black P85 interior, it heats up fast, some good options though exist...

Nice one coming specifically designed exactly for Model S here:

And one option available now:

Brian H | 15 October, 2013 vs. Let the battle begin!