Front windshield tinting

Front windshield tinting

I'm thinking of getting my front windshield "tinted" with the clear crystalline 70 film, which is a pretty clear film. Has anyone had their windshield tinted? Would you recommend it, not recommend it?

shop | 5 March, 2013

And while I am asking, has anyone bothered to tint their pano roof? It doesn't seem like it needs it...

jandkw | 5 March, 2013

I have Llumar AIR80 on my windshield recommended by my installer. He said Crystalline 70 is just as good but costs more. He gave me the demo using the heat gun with AIR80 vs without AIR80 film, the difference is noticeable immediately. I live in NC so there is no argument of not using the tinted windshield. | 5 March, 2013

In CA, you are only allowed to have film (any kind) on the top 4" I think because the visual quality is reduced slightly. I had a 25% film installed on the top 4" of my windshield to cut out the sun in some angles. I like it, but wish it was a gradation where it cuts off, a minor quibble. I'm not sure why you'd bother with a clear film - seems like a waste of money.

shop | 5 March, 2013

Clear film still cuts down a lot of heat transmission, more UV, and glare. It isn't completely transparent

Brian H | 5 March, 2013

Check local/state regs. Some places any front sight-line tinting is verboten.

Mike C | 5 March, 2013

There was a guy at TMC that did his windshield (I believe it was 3M CR70) but ended up taking it off because it was hazy or something. Check the tinting thread over there. Tempting to do because the visors are so puny, and crystalline at 70 still blocks significant light, heat, and UV.

Pbfoot | 5 March, 2013

Funny this topic just came up. I just get the pano roof done today with Suntek carbon tint. It's a little pricier to get the carbon, but it's supposed to not interfere with cell phone and radio signals. I haven't noticed any problems with cell phone since getting it done (hardly ever listen to radio in my MS). I got the lightest shade, since my son likes looking at the stars at night when we're driving. I swear I can feel UV rays on my skin (it burns a little), and now that I have the roof tinted I don't feel that any more. Call me crazy.

With regard to the windshield, it's illegal to tint windshield in the state where I live, but thankfully, I do have firsthand knowledge of it. I have a brother who also has a Tesla,(who happens to live in Canada and took delivery back in December and doesn't like computers which is why he isn't on this forum), had his done recently with Suntek carbon, lightest shade. I had the chance to drive it. When you first get tinting done, it has a slight golf ball-like dimpling in some areas, but it goes away after a couple of days. It was still that way last time I saw his car. However, I thought it looked fine and didn't distract from driving at all. Frankly I would get it myself, if it weren't, ahem, illegal here.

Vlnprof | 26 April, 2013

I just got both my windshield and pano roof done with crystalline 70. You really cannot see any difference in the way the windshield looks after the film (there was another telsa getting a wrap in the shop at the same time, so you could compare both windshields, mine with and the other without). It does make a huge difference for the heat coming in. Not sure yet what difference the sunroof film will make - I only felt heat coming in from there when the car was still before getting this done, but figured it was worth reducing any heat coming in if possible.