Future models

Future models

So we all suspect Gen III will be more along the Toyota Camry in terms of price and features, but what's next? I was reading an article on Insider Monkey today predicting a truck, but it got me thinking why settle for a pickup when honestly the model X will haul 90% of the things people want to haul in a truck anyway.
If the supercharger network map is accurate and goes according to plan I don't think Gen IV should be a truck, I think it should be a semi. Think about it, a sleek yet efficient semi trailer that isn't limited by size so it really could fit enough batteries to match the 1000 mile range, filling up at stations right off the highway. Added benefit, no more noise or pollution.

ian | 28 June, 2013

Toyota Camry? Not quite. The Gen III will be priced closer to a BMW 3 series.

Beyond the Gen III Elon has hinted at a second (or is that third?) version of the Roadster on the Gen III chasis. 8 think they're also planning a small SUV on the Gen III chasis.

I agree though, a fleet of electric semi's would be great. No more compression braking! Yes I live near a hill with a freeway on it.

Another great idea I've seen expressed here would be local delivery vans like UPS and Fed Ex use.


ian | 28 June, 2013

That 8 should be an I. ;-)

Brian H | 28 June, 2013

Yes, a GenIII-X is part of the deal.

carlgo | 29 June, 2013

@gone...Imagine truck stops with battery changers, big ones to handle the giant batteries required. Tesla could have turnkey service and recharging contracts with the truckers. Part of my frequently proposed Tesla Gas Station scheme which would also incorporate fleets of all sorts.

Now I call it Electron (like Chevron, but not). The signage, most impressive at night, would feature glowing electrons spinning around.