Gas prices in Norway $10 a gallon!

Gas prices in Norway $10 a gallon!

Really! Gas prices in Norway are $10 a gallon! I figured out why Teslas are so popular in Norway. You would save $40,000 in energy costs over 150000 miles with a tesla.

Timo | 13 September, 2013

& you don't have to pay VAT for BEV in Norway. That's 20% or so off the price.

Brian H | 14 September, 2013

The car nets out at about 1/3 the cost of models priced the same as an MS elsewhere. At the price there's no competition.

KarlB | 14 September, 2013

I pay about 1.40-1.50€ per liter of diesel in Germany. Gasoline is about 1.60€. That puts it north of $8.00/gallon when converted. Considering that most commutes are short in Germany, I'm surprised more Germans haven't gone to EVs.

I'm seeing public charging stations for e-bikes, but not cars yet.

Nonetheless, I'm saving up for my Model S when I get back to the States.

risingsun | 14 September, 2013

Karl, that is high price. It looks like EVs will take off in Europe before the United States.

Timo | 15 September, 2013

Europe also has higher initial purchase prices thanks to VAT and other taxes. Cars are a lot cheaper in US than they are in most of Europe. That slows that take off down quite a bit.

SamO | 15 September, 2013

Europe is going to be 35K cars per year demand after the first year.

China is going to be nuts.

KarlB | 15 September, 2013

True on the VAT. 19% here in Germany.

Oh and my power here in Düsseldorf is about 0.23€/KWh including taxes. Nonetheless, a large differential between that and liquid fuels.

Strange though...I see very few Opel Amperas or Nissan Leafs. Germans do not appear to be early adopters.

Also, I see more e-bike charging stations than car charging stations.

bonaire | 15 September, 2013

@Samosam, that article states "is likely" and "may". How solid is this info? If Tesla is going to do well in China, the cars will have to be made there to get the government incentives. Much like GM makes Buicks and others in-country.

risingsun | 15 September, 2013

Americans get a $7500 federal tax credit plus state incentives, so that may explain why Americans are early adopters of electric cars.

Anonymous | 15 September, 2013

Here's my perspective: The cost of gas (thoughout the world) is determined by their respective governments. The base cost is basically the same, the taxes are the variable. These high prices are the governments way of limiting driving miles. Even here in the States; a big part of the cost is taxes.

As more & more people start using solar our governments will start instituting more & more taxes on this as well. They'll never let a source of income slide by.

risingsun | 15 September, 2013

tezzla, in the USA gas taxes aren't enough to cover road maintenance and construction. Once more and more people switch to electric, they will have to find another way to fund roads. Maybe by having very high registration fees or by implementing a tax based on how much you drove.

Timo | 15 September, 2013

It is the purchase price that makes US better at adopting electric vehicles than most of the Europe. Here in Finland I can happily add 50% to Model S price and I don't think I'm pessimistic with that estimate. So for me basic 85kW version which costs about $80k in US would be $120k. Adding $40k to just cover taxes hurts.

jstack6 | 15 September, 2013

The REAL gas price in the USA is $8-10 a gallon! We give big OIL $31 Billion a year to find more oil, we give them breaks on cleaning up oil spills and leaks all at every gas stations and on the air pollution. If you add all the externalities it's $16-20 a gallon. Don't even mention wars and military in OIL rich locations to assure it keeps flowing. There are many articles on the REAL cost!

Miggy | 16 September, 2013

In New Zealand, Petrol at NZ$2.20 litre, Diesel at NZ$1.50 litre, and electric power at NZ$.25c per KWh, no super chargers,
no Tesla S.