Gen 3 reservation

Gen 3 reservation

i have opened a dedicated bank account for my purchase of a gen 3, i have decided to set aside 50k over four years, each week i try and beat my "minimum payment" (the minimum amount required to save 50k over four years) currently banking some where around 1/2 a percent of purchase price per week! anyone eles fall in love with the model s only to come to the relisation they really cant afford it? i really cant wait for a sneek peek of the gen 3, so i can make a chart with a picture of it, and run a line underneath it with 0, - 100%, so i can visually see the progress of my savings every week. so, when does everyone here estimate we can put down our deposits for a gen 3? im guessing right around the launch of the model x in late 2014, with delivery 2017. i believe there will be three options base, base +, and performance.

p.s have been reading in other threads that some people believe that the gen 3 will be made of steel instead of aluminium, can anyone confirm or deny this? i havent read it anywhere eles but on this forum (speculation/rumour?) anyone got a link?


negarholger | 6 August, 2013

steel = speculation

stuey81 | 6 August, 2013

@Kleist, thanks mate, didnt think i had read it anywhere official.

Skotty | 6 August, 2013

I'm doing something similar. This year I'm just killing off some debts and expenses, but next year I am opening a savings account specifically for my next car, which based off of the auto industry's behavior regarding electrification, will almost certainly be a Tesla. I don't know yet whether it will be for a Gen 3 or a Model S or X. As I said once before, it will be a race between my savings and release of the Gen 3. If my savings reach a level sufficient to buy an S or an X before the Gen 3 is released, I will probably buy an S or an X. Otherwise, I will probably get the Gen 3.

Whatever it is, my requirements are that it looks good, has lots of power, and is capable of long trips (either 350+ miles EPA range or 200+ miles EPA range with realistic fast charging capability). Also needs to be at least a 4 seater, though I don't care how many doors it has.

stuey81 | 6 August, 2013

cool skotty! it makes it more real once you open a dedictaed saving account for your tesla, how exciting! no doubt, if its from the tesla stable it will meet all of your requirements listed above and then some. i do believe as its meant to be "the car for the masses"that it will seat 5 and have 4 doors (more than likely a five door hatch) laser headlights anyone?

Timo | 6 August, 2013

@Kleist, that steel comes from Elon from one of the interviews, so I would be surprised if it isn't the case. It makes sense too, steel is a lot cheaper than aluminum and helps get the cost down. It also is a lot stronger material, so you need less of it.

greenmachine1 | 6 August, 2013

I wonder if there will be any Fed tax credits or state incentives when the Gen III is released. That might cause the price to be higher than expected.

ian | 6 August, 2013

I doubt Tesla will sell more than 200,000 in the US (or whatever the cut off for the federal credit is) before they release the GenIII. So, yes, I would imagine there will still be the credit available.

negarholger | 6 August, 2013

@Timo - model S also has steel. So what is the point? Elon is venting his thoughts not actual design choices made. The engineering team is busy to finish the model X nothing is finalized for Gen3 yet. Gen3 has to be very efficient and how to achive that with steel, aluminum, carbon,... we'll find out when they actually have a prototype.
Elon is looking for advanced manufactoring processes - that is why he hired the Aston Martin guy... we may be in for a suprise for Gen3 and I am sure Elon will not telegraph that on national TV. So claiming Gen3 will be steel car is not a given and premature.

Timo | 7 August, 2013

@Kleist - He said specifically that it uses steel instead of aluminum. The main point of Gen III affordable car is that it is affordable. Steel is a lot cheaper than aluminum and easier to work with.

Of course that might have changed, but as I said I would be surprised if it is. Steel just makes sense at least for the "affordable" version of the Gen III cars.

negarholger | 7 August, 2013

@Timo - what is cheaper... aluminum or batteries? The real question is how many extra batteries do I need to compensate for the added steel weight.

Timo | 7 August, 2013

That is a good question. I have no idea. Steel is stronger which means you need less of it so weight difference might not be that big after all. But I'm not material engineer so this is just guess for my part.

GuyDormehl | 7 August, 2013

Steel can be as light and strong as aluminium but then it is so thin there are other issues to resolve.

Maybe the BMW i3 will make Elon and co (and other manufacturers) think again as the Gen111 will sound/feel/look a bit archaic if it is steel and even GM/Ford are using 'exotic' materials (whether relevant or not - the public are pretty uninformed...)

negarholger | 7 August, 2013

weight, drag and roll resistance are the fundamentals for efficiency.

TM spends many millions of dollars on making the specific energy of the battery as high as possible ( 0.16 kWh / kg )just to loose it somewhere else? I heard Elon saying he is thinking Gen3 will be steel... but he is also open to better solutions from his engineers. So we'll have to wait and see.

Interesting that the article mentions that aluminum is superior to steel in accidents.

Hi_Tech | 7 August, 2013

Lots of interesting points.
I also wonder what the added manufacturing cost of adding a new line to create steel structure... they already have one for aluminum. Though, this was only be an "up-front" cost, but guessing they will look into this as well. | 7 August, 2013

I am ready to make my Gen III reservation NOW (my daughter starts college in 2 weeks & it would make a nice graduation present for her).

Brian H | 7 August, 2013

Send TM a cheque in the mail, and see if they keep it! ;) It would be fascinating if TM opened reservations with no added details of the GenIII, just established a waiting list.

ian | 8 August, 2013

@KevinR - Put that reservation money in TSLA and it will likely pay for the car outright when it's ready. ;-) | 8 August, 2013

Tesla declined my offer (nicely). I will have to wait with all the others....

@goneskiian--I bought in at an average price of about 28 per share. TSLA has bought my Teslas (my SP, Solar Panels, Future Gen III and then some)

ian | 8 August, 2013

Nice! We didn't get in until about 38. Almost have enough for a base S. Holding out for a bit longer though. ;-)

Had a buddy get in with you but sold at 92. I tried telling him to hold for a few more years but he listened to his "stock guy" instead. Oh well.

David N | 9 August, 2013

I planning on getting a new Gen 3, and also a used X if one becomes available.

jstack6 | 18 September, 2013

STU, I put the money into Tesla stock while I'm waiting for the Gen III. When it's available in late 2015 I'll have $1 Million and a Free car. A bank is a loser, Tesla is a winner.

It's already enough for 2 Tesla S but I want a smaller more standard sized EV. I have a FOCUS EV now with liquid cooling for the batteries so it's pretty close while I wait.

JHM | 18 September, 2013

I'm putting money into the stock. Price seems to be stabilizing for awhile, but I expect positive surprises at quarterly earnings reports. By the time Gen3 rolls out to customers, I could see the stock in the $250 to $300 range. While my average basis was $75, I plan to accumulate more shares and do not think $165 is too much to pay at this point. In fact, I put out a limit order at $164.50 to day and just missed it by a few cents. I'll try again.

Best of luck so everyone saving for a new Tesla.