German Sales

German Sales

According to this article, only 98 Model S were registered for the months of Aug-Sep. Germany has a population of 80M. I suspect that limited range on the Autobahn of the Model S was a limiting factor along with no superchargers and limited incentives. With competition offering BMW5-7, Audi7-5, Porsche Panamera, MB S550, the Model S/85 is at a disadvantage. Germans like their hi speeds Autobahn.

I suspect that Tesla will be forced to upgrade their battery to 150 KW-hr to be a real player in the German market. May be offer AWD with 500+ HP. I think the current version of Model S will do well in Switzerland, Holland, Belgium. France, Spain, Portugal and Italy have too many economic issues.

Captain_Zap | 21 October, 2013

I think that just Signatures were delivered in August.

It looks like Production cars were starting to get delivered less than two weeks ago. There was a thread here congratulating Volker.Berlin on his delivery. He was EU production #2, I believe.

SamO | 21 October, 2013

All tesla needs is 10-15 Superchargers at a cost of $1.5-2.25M. Not a 150 kWh battery. Although love to see on offered in the swap station.

RZippel | 21 October, 2013

Don't worry, even in Germany 85 kWh is not the limiting factor. Most distances driven are below 15 miles a day. You can go vmax all the time if you only do 60 miles a day. Availability of service centers, the most fierce competition of the home industry of any market with high demands to quality, etc. are. Something from the US for most Germans by default does hardly qualify as a car.

You need to be a believer in the pure electric model, understand the benefits in cargo space, etc. That will take some time but the very mainstream ADAC automobile club magazine just rated the MS best upper middleclass car ahead of the 530d, etc. That will help.

But in any case, in Germany Tesla will need to deliver on their promises or will get the bill quickly. No tolerance for a 100k€+ car with unaligned wheels, tilted doors, 22kW chargers only charging at max. 18kW, wind noise at what for us is only low speeds around 60-80 mph, etc. That would quickly and long term destroy the market for Tesla and prove the German Auto-Manufacturer lobby right that this is not a product you can use today and you should go with the Audi eTrons, BMW i's, etc.

LEvans | 21 October, 2013

Maybe all 98 were bought by Mercedes to figure out what Mercedes is doing wrong :)

RZippel | 21 October, 2013

Tesla would know, the tracking... ;-) Maybe the broken EU firmware versions are supposed to annoy Mercedes then, to bad for the Swiss hit at the same time...

frekri | 21 October, 2013

I'm not from Germany, but I have drove trough Germany using the Autobahn. My experience is that most people doesn't max speed on the Autobahn. It is pretty expensive with a petrol going high speed over long distances and you have to be very alert to drive in the left high speed lane. But if you drive long distances at high speed then it is probably better to buy a petrol until battery change solutions appear. But I think that a Tesla would be no issue for most people in Germany.

AmpedRealtor | 21 October, 2013

Huh, I wonder how the poor BMW i3 will fare in Germany then - which weighs slightly over half as the Model S, goes half as far, wears skinny tires, and has a top speed of 100 MPH. Oh gosh, BMW must surely be doomed...

Brian H | 21 October, 2013

Love to hear's take on all this!

Captain_Zap | 21 October, 2013


Me too. He has been a great ambassador for Tesla. After hearing his sentiments after his delivery, I bet he's opening some minds and giving plenty of test rides in Deutschland.

carlk | 21 October, 2013

"Tesla's Jerome Guillen recently commented to Manager Magazin that the company's expansion in Germany has been its biggest challenge yet. He said that consumers have been waiting for the Model S and that the company "must accelerate" deliveries to customers."

That sounds to me it's not lack of interests in Germany but production or delivery restrains. Anyone reads this statement differently than me?

Brian H | 21 October, 2013

Ya, merely stating the obvious.

Al1 | 22 October, 2013

The article speaks about problems in supply chain and cash burning rate. Those are two biggest concerns when you're growing too fast.

RZippel | 22 October, 2013

Look at this as to how relevant the German market is to Tesla

shop | 22 October, 2013

Elon gave a talk yesterday in Germany ( and and delivered lots of new information:

- Tesla Germany is offering all current and future Model S owners a free high speed tuning service to take advantage of Autobahn speeds.
- Germany was second biggest market after the US for the Roadster.
- 40-50 Superchargers will be INSTALLED by end of next nest year, 2014, giving Germany 100% population coverage and a high per capita density than the US.
- First 6 superchargers have broken ground NOW.
- Double the number of Supercharger each quarter.
- By March 2014, 1/2 population will be covered.
- Germany superchargers will be 135 kW, rather than 120 kW here in the US with a promise of more upgrades in the future.
- December navigation upgrade will calculate shortest trip taking into account Supercharger locations, how fast you can drive, how long you should charge for - it will even look up wind speed on Internet, take into account elevation, etc.
- 80% of Germany will be within 100 km of a Tesla service station by end of 2014.
- press release with these and other details goes out Thursday morning.

Brian H | 22 October, 2013

Also, TM anticipates shipping/selling 200-300 cars/week to Germany within the next yr. or so. (Works out to about double the per capita rate of current US sales).

Mark K | 23 October, 2013

An American automaker, and a startup at that ... selling in the land of automotive supremacy, is surreal.

As someone else said, Elon drives two Model S's ... one for himself, and one for his balls.

Godspeed Elon. Show the Titans that the time has come to get with the program, and make great EVs.

A great competitor knows to bring the battle to Rome.

Mathew98 | 23 October, 2013

@Mark K - Are the said balls made of titanium or lithium?

If it's the former then they suit the man. If it's the latter then do they propel the MS to an even higher speed?

rdalcanto | 23 October, 2013

What a difference 2 days makes....
A terribly uninformed article is published about Tesla in Germany, that ignorant investors actually believe and use to make financial decisions about the stock. Then the real info comes out on Germany, which shows, once again, how brilliant Elon is. Tesla is taking Germany by storm, with incredibly fast SC coverage, and Model S cars that will blow the doors off anyone's expectations. Once the rest of Europe realizes how well Tesla's are received by the discriminating German drivers, it will be game-over for ICEs! TSLA will not be under $170 for long! Buy now if you want more....

RZippel | 23 October, 2013

But be aware, capital markets are about future fantasies, German sales about delivery excellence. So there is even more need to deliver on the promises than to make them...

GeirT | 23 October, 2013

@ Bubba2000

Hear, hear - 150kwh!

rdalcanto | 23 October, 2013

German's might have a lot of pride in their cars, but I'm sure they like high-tec toys as much as the next guy. They also like performance. Everyone also get "upgrade-itis." A proud German who has become a little bored of owning the same BMW for the last 30 years will eventually become interested enough to try a Tesla, and then it is game-over as his friends hear about it and try it as well.