Get Amped tour Zurich / Switzerland

Get Amped tour Zurich / Switzerland

Today saw the last day of Zurich's turn on the Get Amped tour. My moment was at 11:00h. And what a fantastic outing it was. Thanks again to the Tesla team for an excellent experience and I probably speak for all reservation holders in Switzerland when I say: We can't wait to take delivery and to support Tesla Motors in successfully writing the next chapters in e-mobility.

Brgds, Patrick

stealth_mode | 3 February, 2013

I can double that! my turn Sat 14:00h.
the ride was incredible! of course the test drive was WAY to short ;-)
the highway was so crowded that I couldn't really check out the acceleration.
so anyway thank you Tesla Team for this opportunity!
now I can't wait to do a nother test drive - finalize - take delivery!
Regards T

sandman | 3 February, 2013

Congratulations on the drive you two! Now for the long wait... But it is worth it! At this point, I am debating putting a deposit on an X for the wife. Not sure I will ever go back to an ICE.

patrick.meier | 3 February, 2013


Same here: We reserved Model X for my wife as soon as reservations were possible back in Feb 2012 and yesterday's experience just assured us that it had been the right move.

sandman | 4 February, 2013

Worried about snow/rain on that Falcon Wing door? I assume they'll have rain drain/funneling worked out but snow could be an interesting issue for that door.